5 Fashion Sins of Women Over 50 That You Should Definitely Avoid in the Summer!

by Kremy

In today’s article, we reveal the 5 biggest fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid this summer. From the right colors and shoes to the right underwear – these are the no-gos for the hot season.

Looking young and modern is certainly a desire shared by many women of all ages. Especially as we get older, we do everything possible to cheat off a few years. And that’s when things can quickly backfire. There are no rules in fashion and everyone has their own style and taste. And yet we must take into account that our body changes over time. What suited us perfectly in our thirties may not be a good idea after a certain age. And so that you always shine in your full glory, we have done some research for you and reveal 5 fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid at all costs this summer!

5 Fashion Sins of Women Over 50 That You Should Avoid in the Summer

fashion sins of women over 50 combine denim dresses styling mistakes that older ladies make

We probably don’t have to explain to you that our outfit decisions have a big impact on our appearance. Just as we could cheat away a few years with a few make-up tricks and with the right hairstyles for women over 50, there are also some fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid at all costs. After all, you certainly don’t want to look older than you actually are, do you?

Wear Transparent Bra Straps

fashion sins of women over 50 in summer styling mistakes that elderly make


The right bra gives our breasts a nice shape and makes them appear firmer or larger. Crop tops and off-the-shoulder dresses are simply part of summer and look gorgeous on women of all ages. But we can’t say it often enough – the so-called transparent bra straps are not transparent at all. You still see them all the time and for us they are definitely one of the biggest fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid in the summer. The straps not only look ugly – the plastic also feels extremely uncomfortable on sweaty skin in the summer heat. The much better and much more comfortable alternative would be bandeau bras, which are without straps. And if you have nice and firm breasts, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wearing a bra at all.

The Wrong Underwear with White Pants and Skirts

what underwear with white pants women over 50 summer fashionmistakes to avoid

And while we’re on the subject of underwear, we’ll tell you one of the biggest fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid in the summer. You think that white briefs can’t be seen under white pants? But you are wrong! The light-colored underwear often stands out and can quickly ruin our outfit. Wearing colored underwear under white trousers or a skirt is also an absolute no-go. To create an elegant look, it is important to know what underwear goes with white clothes. Skin colored briefs that match your skin tone are a very good solution. And to avoid seeing any lines, it’s best to reach for seamless underwear. As the name suggests, these are very thin panties that have no seams. Even under very tight dresses and skirts seamless underwear does not stand out at all and is therefore an absolute must for the warm summer months.

Wearing Too Much Nudes or Pastels

what colors make you look older fashion mistakes of women over 50 in summer

Yes, we know – nudes and soft pastel colors are an integral part of our wardrobes in summer and are among the most important basics that we can always rely on. But as we age, our skin becomes paler and unfortunately loses some of its color. Wearing nudes or pastels from head to toe is actually a styling mistake that makes you look older. To avoid this, only use the colors as small accents and create great contrasts with lighter summer shades. For example, blue and pink are a particularly popular summer combination. Or how about black and beige? The possibilities are truly endless and the outfits will really make you shine!

Wearing Ugly, Comfortable Shoes

fashion sins of women over 50 are crocs trendy in summer 2023


After a certain age, we put a lot more emphasis on comfort, and of course, that’s a good thing. At some point, we just don’t feel like having aching feet and high heels anymore, do we? Just because you like to be more comfortable, however, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. However, if you are going to wear comfortable “health shoes”, then please go for Birkenstocks. Crocs and any plastic shoes are so outdated and can ruin even the most elegant outfit. The selection of Birkenstock trends for 2023 is really huge and the comfortable classic shoe looks cooler than ever.

Wearing Too Much Jewelry

what jewellery makes you look old fashionmistakes women over 50

Whether necklaces, elegant earrings or bracelets – jewelry always gives our outfits the finishing touch and provides a modern touch. Unfortunately, far too often we meet women who have really overdone their accessories. Please stop wearing chunky statement jewelry. This will only make you look outdated and for us, this is also one of the biggest fashion sins of women over 50 that you should avoid in the summer. To create a youthful, fresh look, the rule is “less is more”. Small, delicate necklaces and graceful pearl earrings radiate timeless elegance and are very trendy this summer anyway.



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