Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet: DIY Creations at Home! What About the Symbol 13 Inside?

by Snezhana Besarabova

Friendship bracelets, these pretty, hand-knotted symbols of friendship have outrun generations and borders. In recent years, pop artist Taylor Swift has brought a new reading to this timeless arm ornament. What do you want to know about Taylor Swift friendship bracelet wave? How to weave such hand accessories at home? Let’s see…

Where Did Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets Come From?

taylor swift friendship bracelet symbol of friendship and unity

Taylor Swift, known for sincere connection with fans and way of sharing inner parts of her life, has never been one to hide from signifying herself through symbols and mementos. Over the time, Swift has been noticed on numerous occasions donning these vivid hand-woven bracelets. It wasn’t long before Swifties, her devoted fan foundation, began to accept this trend. The origin of singer’s peculiar love for friendship bracelet isn’t exactly known. Yet, given her tendency towards exclusive aesthetics and her close unit range of friends, it’s no wonder she’s a fan. In the sea of celebrity jewelry, Swift’s decision to wear something so straightforward and nostalgic is a message of her sensible persona. (In fact, the surname “Swift” is the same as the name of a bird, that flies the fastest.) What made it all the more remarkably is how these ornaments became signs of gratefulness and friendship for her fans.

What Do Friendship Bracelets Symbolize?

taylor swift friendship bracelet number 13 weaved in the bracelet


According to tradition, friendship bracelets come from Central American cultures, mainly in connection with the resident peoples of Mexico and Guatemala. They were interchanged as symbols of friendship and believed to bring luck to the owner, especially if worn until naturally outwear and drop off.
In the meaning of Taylor Swift’s world, these ornaments employ a more distant significance. They express not just friendship, but a sense of society and solidarity among her fans. When Swifties wear these adornments, they’re not only directed to their favorite artist, but also to contact with numerous other fans somewhere on the globe. It’s a silent sign of a fondness, an unspoken link.

How to Make a Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet DIY at Home?

taylor swift friendship bracelet made a diy at home

Creating your very own Taylor Swift-inspired friendship ornament is simpler than you might think. Let’s see the basic guideline how to make it:

Gather the needed materials:

You’ll need a fancywork floss in colors of your selection. If you prefer Taylor Swift motif, you may use red or rose tones as like in her “Red” album or pastel palette, reminding of “Lover” album. Then take a clipboard or tape to secure your ornament while making it, as well as scissors.

How to make it?

  • Select the colors. Think of the number of colors you’ll include in your creation. For a beginner’s stripy bracelet, just a few colors are ideal.
  • Cut the threads: Shear each color of your fancywork floss to a length of about 60 in (150 cm). You should have surplus thread rather than to fail while you’re working.
  • Join the threads: Group all the flosses, forming a simple knot, leaving about a 4 in (10 cm) tail, and fix this end to a clipboard or with tape.
  • Start knotting. Hold the far left strand (A) and cross it over the next strand to the right strand (B) in a number “4” shape. Then tuck thread A under thread B and pull it through the loop you’ve formed, pulling A up to tighten. This is called a forward knot. Do the forward knot once again with the same two threads. Move to the next thread on the right and repeat the same until thread A has been knotted over all the other strands.
  • Repeat the process. Once the first row is ready, take the new far left thread and repeat the knotting. Go on forming this pattern until your arm decoration achieves the planned length.
  • Finish the knotting. When you’ve finished the desired length, tie the threads together in a final knot. You can also knot together the leftover threads on both ends to make tying the accessory easier.
  • Personalize the creation. For achieving Taylor Swift touch, you might add a small “13” bead or use color ideas from one of the artist’s album covers.

taylor swift friendship bracelet pattern (1)

  • Wear or gift. Once you’ve finished your bracelet, you can either don it and wear where you go, or gift to a fellow, which could be Swiftie.

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Why Do Swifties Write 13 on Their Hands?

taylor swift friendship bracelet ideas number 13 a symbol of luck

The artist’s devotion to the number 13 is fabulous among her fans. Moreover, she guesses it’s her lucky number. Born on December 13th, Swift also perceived an evidence of success and prominent events, which happen on the date 13th. This hobbyhorse has led her to draw the number on her hand before concerts, a gesture that a lot of her admirers took to copy.

taylor swift friendship bracelet sayings

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