Baby French Manicure 2023: The Minimalistic Trend That We All Wanted

by Gabby

Are you in the search for a new trendy and chic manicure to adapt? If you are a fan of the elegant minimalism, then this article is definitely for you! What is a baby French manicure? What are the shapes to try? How to wear it in 2023?

what is a baby french manicure 2023

What Is a Baby French Manicure?

No, ladies, this is not a manicure for babies! The baby French manicure is essentially the new version of the micro tips, which are super easy to wear in 2023. The only difference is that the baby French nails are slightly curved toward the nail shape. However, the tips are still tiny and subtle. Recently, our favorite Kendal Jenner has showed off her micro French tips, which provokes manicure artist to come up with a new nail trend, which as you may guess is the baby French nails. That nail art is ideal to be worn for a special occasion or every day. Now, let’s find out which are the perfect shapes for it and can you do them at home!

yellow micro french tip nails square shape baby manicure


Chrome Baby French Manicure

chrome baby french manicure squoval shape nails

Are chrome French tip nails still in fashion? Well, as long as you do the baby French manicure, then you’re good! These feminine, edgy and chic French tips are still a total hit, especially if you adapt them in a bronze color. This chrome shade is ideal for the Autumn season and will bring you a lot of compliments. For the girlies who want something bold, but still minimalistic, don’t hesitate to try this one out.

Short Fall Baby French Tip Nails

short fall nails baby french tip manicure micro

If you want something cute, but simple and easy to maintain for your Fall manicure, the baby French nails are the way to go. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even adapt an animal print nail art. Don’t let the small size of the French tips fool you. They are still customizable and you can make the according to your taste.

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What Is The Best Shape for Baby French Manicure?

I’m sure we’re going to surprise you a bit with the answer to this question. However, nail experts are certain that for this Fall season the best nail shape for baby French manicure would be the coffin one. It looks absolutely stunning with every French tip color out there and it will make your fingers look elegant. The only con here is that the coffin shape is a bit harder to maintain and do at home. But, if you master it, then there’s nothing to worry about. Coffin nails will be a total hit this season, you should keep that in mind!

coffin micro french tip nails baby manicure

How to Make Baby French Manicure at Home?

how to do micro french tip nails at home baby manicure tutorial

Do you know what’s the best part about baby French manicure? It turns out that you can achieve it at home easily. I am even going to let you in on a little secret tip that have changed my life. Now, if you are used to doing your manicure at home, then you probably already have the needed tools. Let me give you a simple tutorial on how to make the baby French tip nails!

  1. Start by cleaning your cuticles as per usual. For French manicure, you have to make your nails look as clean as possible, since the tips can emphasize on the imperfections.
  2. Using the nail fail, do the shape that you desire.
  3. Apply your base first. We recommend going for a soft pink or nude. If you want to spice things up, you can use a glitter base.
  4. Now… the baby French tips! The secret that I am going to tell you is that I use an old eyeliner brush that I have cleaned. This type of brushes will allow you to be super precise when doing the French tips, especially if they are going to be micro ones.
  5. Use your UV lamp at the end and voilà!

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2023 Baby French Manicure Ideas

orange baby french manicure micro tips

Matcha Green Reverse Baby French Manicure

reverse baby french manicure micro tips

Brown Fall Almond Shaped Micro French Tip Nails

brown baby french manicure almond shaped

Double Pink Baby French Tip Nails for Dark Skin

double pink micro french tip nails for dark skin

Fall Wedding Nails Idea: Double Baby French Manicure Square Shaped

double baby french tip nails manicure

Lavender and White Baby French Tip Nails

lavender micro french tip nails with white manicure

Ombre Micro French Tip Nails with Glitter

ombre micro french tip nails 2023 with glitter baby manicure

Abstract Blue Short Baby French Manicure

abstract baby french manicure micro blue tips

Stiletto Colorful Baby French Manicure Idea

colorful micro french tip nails stiletto baby manicure

Black Almond Shaped Baby French Manicure

black almond shaped baby french manicure


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