Old Money Style Fall/Winter 2023-2024: How to Wear It?

by Kristiyana

The fashion world never sleeps, and new trends are always emerging, so sometimes it’s hard for us to keep up with all the new things. But while some looks disappear after a few months, there are also others tried and tested classics that stay with us forever. And that’s exactly the case with the old money style that’s been causing a stir lately. No – you don’t need much to create a luxurious and elegant look – you just need to know which pieces you should choose. And that’s why we’re here for you!

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Old Money Style: This Is What Makes the Fashion Aesthetic in Fall/Winter 2023

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With more than 200,000 views on TikTok, the old money style has now become a real phenomenon and makes the hearts of all fashionistas beat faster.“Old money” refers to people from families who have built up their wealth over several generations. While “new money” emphasizes their wealth with overpriced clothing with multiple brand logos, the old money style is the absolute opposite.

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Restrained, conservative, simple, but still super elegant and high quality – this is how the Old Money Style can be described in just a few words. So what does that mean? Typical role models of the look include Jacky Kennedy, Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana – the women are known worldwide for their timeless and flawless style.

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And no, you don’t have to come from a rich family to dress like the royals. With the right styling tips and a few rules, the old money style is actually a lot easier to achieve than you might think.

With These Styling Rules You Can Achieve the Old Money Aesthetic

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The way we dress can say a lot about our personality and character. What was frowned upon as boring and stuffy a few years ago has now developed into one of the biggest fashion trends in fall and winter. While Y2K fashion is all about bold and extravagant looks, the old money style is much more reserved and grown-up.

old money style fall winter 2023 outfit idea

When it comes to fashion style, the most important rule is: less is more! Bright colors, short-lived trends and eye-catching patterns are an absolute no-go. For the old money look, a well-groomed appearance is an absolute must. The style works perfectly for everyday life as well as elegant business outfits.

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And the old money style is also perfect for all special occasions where a serious appearance is required. But enough talk – find out the most important styling rules to best achieve the timeless look.

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Opt for Quality Over Quantity

sweater and shorts combine old money style fashion trend fall 2023

Quality over quantity – this is definitely the top priority in old money style that you should keep in mind. In the spirit of sustainability, you choose timeless, high-quality clothing that you could combine with almost anything in your wardrobe. Think high-quality fabrics like linen, silk, wool and cashmere. Materials such as bouclé, tweed or cable knit patterns are also very popular in the old money style and exude a timeless elegance.

Typical Old Money Style Fashion Pieces

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You don’t have to come from a rich family to emulate the old money style! When it comes to fashion trends, minimalism is the top priority and the main goal is to focus on timeless and high-quality pieces. A high-quality blazer, elegant shirts and blouses, classic jeans and pleated trousers – all of these are absolutely typical items of clothing for the old money style. For the cold winter months, you are always in good hands with trendy cable-knit sweaters, cardigans and tank tops.

sweater and miniskirt combine old money style fashion trend fall 2023

Pleated skirts and tennis skirts are also an integral part of the old money aesthetic and should not be missing from any wardrobe – but they should not be too short. Or how about a super classy suit made of tweed or bouclé for a timeless yet stylish look?

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With brands such as Marco Polo, Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste you will 100% find what you are looking for. However, for most of us this will be a bit out of our budget. But no problem – you can also find suitable pieces in the business department of fashion chains such as H&M, Zara and Mango. How to dress like a rich girl on a budget? Alternatively, there are of course vintage shops or second-hand stores where you can get high-quality clothing at a bargain price.

Old Money Aesthetic Color Palette

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We rely on timeless classics for old money style, not just in our clothing – we also rely on the colors. Neutral nuances, muted colors and bright white are an absolute must. The most important basic colors include beige, gray, navy blue, brown or black. Pastel, slightly muted shades such as sky blue or baby pink, on the other hand, provide great splashes of color.

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Classic patterns such as checked blazers or checked skirts harmonize particularly well and underline the elegant look. As already mentioned, bright and flashy colors are absolutely out of place – restraint and minimalism are the real secret for the perfect old money style. And if you’re unsure about color combinations, you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look.

It’s All About the Right Accessories

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All fashionistas know it – an outfit is only really complete with the right accessories. Sure – eye-catching statement pieces like XXL earrings and glitter brooches are really popular at the moment, but unfortunately they’re not a good choice for the old money style. Timeless pearls and plain scarves, on the other hand, perfectly underline the elite look and give the outfit a finishing touch. Watches also provide a high-quality touch and fit perfectly with the old money aesthetic.

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