Are Ripped Jeans Still In Style 2023? Should We Resign Them For A While?

by Leanne Edwards

In the world we live in, most people are eager to follow fashion. Today we are going to be talking about jeans, more precisely, are ripped jeans still in style 2023? Stay tuned to find out whether to put those pants back in the wardrobe!

Are Ripped Jeans Still In Style 2023? If not, then what is?

are ripped jeans still in style 2023 no more
Jeans have been around since forever! Since 1873 the famous blue jeans have been a staple part of everybody’s life. Even if you don’t follow fashion and aren’t up-to-date with what’s going on in the magazines, you are bound to still have a pair hanging around in your closet. Kids, young people, middle-aged and seniors can be seen donning this item of clothing for a simple, practical yet timeless look. This year though, it’s no longer the ripped jeans being the star of the show, no, it’s now the bigger, the better-none other than the cargo jeans. Not even over-ripped jeans are fashionable any more this year, oh the horror!

Who actually invented the ripped jeans?

Levi ripped jeans are ripped jeans going out of style 2023


Credits:Levi Strauss

Well, it was Levi Strauss who first came up with the idea, way back in 1870. Later during 1970 – a whole century later, people, especially youths, decided that this was going to be the standard look for showing they weren’t standing for the rules during Punk Rock and the social movement. Pretty much the same way metal music did with all the black clothing. Legends and famous idols such as Madonna decided to make ripped jeans even more popular and carry on to faze right the way into the land of Pop music – therefore influencing more and more people to adopt the look of ripped jeans. So altogether we can thank Levi’s Jean & Co for the ripped jeans!

madonna are ripped jeans still in style 2023


So, if the ripped jeans are out now-what’s in?

baggy jeans what will happen to ripped denim
Throughout spring/summer this year, we don’t have to say goodbye completely to our beloved jeans. We thankfully can get away with wearing some other famous models. Jeans such as a baggy style or cargo are absolutely fine for which current models are in line with the times… You can get away with wearing some good old flares, or even enjoy maxing it out with the maxi skirt. It seems that the 90s fashion sense has once again come knocking on our doors. Frayed hems are also a must. Team them up with a little statement number, and you’ve got yourself an outfit fit for a Kardashian.

Ideas on what to wear with 2023 jeans:

  • your favourite hoodie – everyone has one, it’s comfy and stylish
  • All things summery-for that wonderfully hot feeling
  • Crop tops and tank tops
  • Smart blazers
  • A big warm puffer Coat – for those cold autumn/winter evenings

The good thing is we will be left at our own free will to go wild by experimenting with all different colours of the rainbow and mysterious blurs of sequins and sparkle. Personalized bespoke item are the must-haves. Flower power will be making a strong reappearance, with both men and women flaring up the tulips. If you’re worried that you’ll look frumpy in your baggies, style it with a figure hugging, waist accentuating upper half! Another real head turner this year is patchwork jeans, or otherwise known as deconstructed jeans. These were hugely popular in 2013. The more colourful the better. These can be teamed with a nice chunky pair of boots or for men loafers, I think beige or black works best and also a nice denim shirt.

Another question for the male spectrum – Are ripped jeans still in style 2023 for men?

are ripped jeans still in style men
Men this 2023 year are also being stripped of their ripped jeans and are setting the trends by choosing to wear baggy jeans and are even searching the internet far and wide for inspiration on how to pair it up with a jacket. According to some of the big names, such as Emporio Armani, pajamas also won’t just be left in the bedroom but will also be allowed out on the high-street. Other items in the wardrobe, closer to Autumn time, are starred to be baggy coats, waistcoats and even Scottish tartan wear. So boys, don’t be sad over your ripped jeans, put them in the back of the closet for now.

How to stand out…

maxi skirt are ripped jeans still in style 2023

If you’re wanting to stay looking gorgeous, remember-white is the way to go. We’re talking crop tops, shirts and your favourite pair of sneakers or boots. The idea here is to get those jewellery boxes out. Accessorize to the maximum. Long necklaces, headscarves, those gold bangles – yes, you name it. Well, they do say if you got it, flaunt it! Pair a white tee, your favourite heels or sandals, a couple of bangles and bracelets and there you have it – priceless and timeless all in a picture of elegance! It’s a good summer look and can be dressed up or down. If you’re looking to dress it up a little more, go for some strappy heels, smart jacket and long necklace.

are ripped jeans still in style tartan shirt
So for now, if you want to know, are ripped jeans still in style in 2023? For this season I’m afraid you will simply have to fold them up, put them away and wait til they come back into fashion. Hopefully it won’t be like the baggy jeans – a whole 10 years!

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