Jeans trends 2023: which current models you should wear and which should rather be forgotten!

by Kremy

They say fashion trends are cyclical, but if there’s one fashion item with the most chaotic cycle we’ve ever seen, it’s denim. And for a piece of clothing that never goes out of style, people like to decide what’s trendy based on its many subcategories. You may be wondering what types of denim will dominate the clothing stores in 2023. We’ve put together the ultimate denim trend guide, detailing the jeans that experts say will be in the spotlight over the next year. But remember – your style should reflect what you’re most comfortable in! These are the current jeans trends for 2023!

Mid and low-waist jeans are replacing the boring high-waist trend

Mid and low rise jeans are replacing the high waist trend

Mid- and low-waist jeans are officially back and replacing the high-waist models. Mid-waist jeans are a good middle ground if you’re used to high-waist cuts. This trend, which revives the 2000s, also offers the opportunity to play with proportions, depending on whether you want to accentuate your long legs or elongate your torso. You can pair these jeans with an oversized sweater, t-shirt or fitted top and jacket.

Dark blue denim is out and lighter washes are in

Dark blue denim is out and lighter wash is in


Dark wash jeans don’t seem to be on the trend list for next year. There’s just something about dark wash jeans that screams they’re out of style. For a trendy replacement in 2023, opt for a lighter wash.

Current jeans trends 2023 – ripped jeans are no longer modern

Current jeans trends 2023 ripped jeans are not modern anymore

The torn look was popular for a while, but it’s coming to an end. Another denim trend to say goodbye to is overly ripped jeans. Try to spice up the outdated trend by pairing denim with unique details, like buttons or fun patterns. Even subtle signs of wear or faded tie-dye patterns are fine.

Hip denim fashion – bootcut and straight-leg models are in and skinny jeans are out

Hip jeans fashion bootcut and straight leg models are fashionable

Skinny jeans are being replaced by bootcut and straight-leg styles. After a long dry period, it’s time for skinny jeans to step aside and give way to a new trend.

New jeans fashion bootcut jeans are in

As a replacement for 2023, the stylists recommend barrel, bootcut and straight-leg silhouettes – all models that are on the rise right now.

New jeans trends 2023 – modern, two-tone denim

New jeans trends 2023 modern two tone denim

Do you prefer dark or light washes? Well, now you don’t have to choose anymore! Two-tone jeans are one of the most adventurous denim trends to hit the shelves in 2023. The color blocking acts as a contour for your legs, making them appear longer than they are. Look for a pair with a slight flair to add to the optical illusion.

Wear trendy cargo jeans and forget about culottes

Wear trendy cargo jeans and forget culottes

It’s no secret that cargo pants have been on the rise in recent months. The casual, grungy style has become the most popular pair of pants, which can be worn with both sneakers and ankle boots. Now the style has created a denim hybrid with cargo pants. These jeans models are oversized, adjustable and have huge pockets. Pair them with black heels and a leather jacket for the ultimate night out look.

Asymmetrical waist is also trendy

Asymmetrical waist is trendy too

If you love a crop top, you should pay attention! Asymmetrical waist jeans are the perfect way to add a fun design detail to your fit and accentuate your waist. Asymmetrical jeans usually have a wider leg or are cut in a vintage style. If you’re one of the few people who love a low-rise cut, you can go up a size in asymmetrical waist jeans so you can wear them lower on the hips without having to wear a belt.

Balloon jeans are out and baggy jeans are in

Balloon Jeans are out and Baggy Jeans are in

Bella Hadid has revived the baggy jean trend – this style is meant to gather at the hem and have a loose fit through the whole leg. When wearing baggy jeans, the most important thing is to get the proportions right – if you’re wearing something really oversized at the bottom, balance it out at the top with a fitted shirt or jacket to keep things balanced.

Jeans trends 2023 – patchwork denim

Jeans Trends 2023 Patchwork Denim

Where patchwork used to stand for simple logos and squares, in 2023 patchwork is a little more elaborate. From contrasting patches to a mix of denim and leather, these patches are for those who want their pants to take center stage. The key is to let the pants shine – keep them subtle with minimal accessories and a neutral top (a white shirt always works).

Puddle trousers as a fashion trend

Puddle trousers as a fashion trend

Remember those puddle pants or jeans that landed on the floor when you walked because they were a bit too long for you? Tailors may lose a few orders over the next year because puddle pants are back, and in full force. Cropped jeans are being replaced by longer models that lend themselves to an oversized, androgynous look. If you want to prevent your jeans from tearing at the bottom, combine puddle pants with platform shoes.

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