Taupe Nails or the Ideal Trendy Manicure for the Cold Season

by Kristiyana

Cherry Mocha nails, chrome manicures, aura nails, clean manicure trend, chocolate glazed nails… Exit white, beige, and black! This winter 2023-2024, manicure and nail art trends oscillate between bold choices and sober, deep shades of nail polish to suit every winter outfit. But there’s one particular color that’s the star of the moment, a cool shade that evokes a warm feeling. Twenty years after their release, taupe nails are making a comeback to allow you to become a real stylish “cozy girl”.

Taupe Nails Are Making a Comeback, 20 Years After Their Release

manicure trend nails color taupe fall winter 2023

The year 2023 started with vanilla, strawberry, and cold girl makeup and ended with the cozy girl look. The watchword for this new beauty trend? Stay stylish without sacrificing your comfort! But how does it work on the manicure scene? Matcha, café latte, cherry mocha, raspberry red, dark chocolate brown… aren’t we missing a more refined, even comforting, nail polish color this fall-winter 2023? Yes, and it seems that we have just discovered it! It is a hybrid shade, halfway between gray-brown and beige, which will make you forget about rich and intense tones.

manicure trend grey taupe for 50 year old woman fall winter 2023 jennifer lopez

Already seen on the hands of Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, taupe gray nails are not new. Their history dates back to the 2000s and the Y2K fashion and beauty trends, currently arousing great interest among Gen Z (and not only). Do you find taupe nail polish too bland for your taste? Rest assured! There is no shortage of nail art ideas for this revised shade. In fact, it goes well with a number of colors to enhance your hands and guarantee you an elegant and perfect manicure to wear on any occasion. See below!

Who Are Taupe Nails For?

trendy nail polish color gray taupe brown manicure winter 2023 2024

If you’re a fan of warm colors, chunky knits and the pumpkin spice manicure, then you’re probably a cozy girl who will love taupe nails. And with temperatures plummeting, you have the perfect opportunity to test them out. Its major advantage? Everyone can make it their own. Comfortable, elegant and warm, the flagship nail polish trend of the 2000s enhances every skin tone and matches any clothing style. Likewise, gray being recognized as an all-purpose color, taupe is for all ages. Looking for a manicure for 50-year-old woman that changes from beige and brown and is not as intense as cherry red? It’s on taupe nails that you should bet!

How to Adopt the Hottest Nail Polish Trend for Winter 2023-2024?

trendy nail polish color gray taupe brown beige manicure winter 2023 long nails

According to experienced nalistas, the best way to wear taupe gray nail polish is on short straight or rounded nails. The reason? Because it’s a beauty trend dating back to the 2000s, where mini nails with square tips were in the spotlight. However, enough time has passed for this cool retro manicure to be reinvented, even modernized. Matte, shiny, glitter, on short nails or XL claws, taupe gray will look good over the coming cold months. If you find it too bland, and you fear you will tire of it too quickly, don’t panic! There are a thousand and one nail art ideas to make the gray-brown manicure more sparkling and modern.

Nail Art Inspiration for Stunning Taupe Gray Nails

nail polish trend taupe gray brown manicure fall winter 2023

Generally used in modern interiors, taupe gray is now on our hands to highlight them this winter. Easy to wear and available as desired (gray, brown, pink), it will make you forget all the other popular nail polish colors of the moment, starting with beige! Here are some nail art inspirations to adopt it without a false note this season.

Mismatched manicure or the trendiest way to dare with taupe nail polish

trendy nails mismatched manicure fall winter 2023 nail polish taupe gray brown beige

Stunning chrome manicure in taupe gray

gray taupe nails metallic chrome manicure trend fall winter 2023

Christmas nail art 2023: A taupe gray and silver gel manicure

nail art trend winter 2024 gel manicure grey taupe silver christmas

Taupe pink nails for a warm winter manicure

manicure gel gray taupe pink metallic nails nail polish trend winter 2023

Taupe gray nail polish with a metallic effect

manicure gray taupe effect metallic nails

Different nude shades on short nails

nail shades beige manicure nude trend fall winter 2023

Taupe gray nails ombré style nails

manicure long nails taupe gray beige trend winter 2023 2024

Taupe gray and milky white manicure

nail art grey taupe color nail polish winter trend original manicure

Taupe pink nail art and animal patterns

nail art pink taupe animal patterns short nails trend manicure winter 2023

Taupe brown swirls nails design

nails art decors nails taupe brown

Original taupe brown nail art

manicure trend fall winter 2023 2023 color nail polish nail art brown taupe brown

Glittery taupe nail polish color

trend taupe grey glitter nail polish nail manicure winter 2023

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