What’s the BEST Home Color Palette for Your Zodiac Sign? – Find Out the Experts’ Picks!

by Stephanie Yankova

Have you ever wondered if there is a specific color that correlates with each zodiac sign? Maybe you’ve noticed that some colors make you feel more energized, while others bring you a sense of comfort and calmness. Unleash the full potential of your spaces by nurturing your unique innate aesthetic. Explore the best home color palette for your zodiac sign! 

The Best Home Color Palette for Your Zodiac Sign

home color palette for your zodiac sign black walls yellow couch

Each zodiac sign carries a unique set of attributes that affect different areas of their lives, including aesthetic preferences. While some people enjoy the sight of green walls in the living room, others find them appealing. Let’s see what the stars have to say about the colors that will bring tranquility and comfort into each zodiac sign’s home.

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Aries – A Passionate Fire Dance

home color palette zodiac sign aries beige orange


Free-spirited, energetic, playful, and hyper-focused. The Aries natives are a force to be reckoned with! Decorating in shades of brown and red, and incorporating textures, patterns, and leather is guaranteed to make them feel at home!

Taurus – A Biophilic Sanctuary

home color palette astrology zodiac sign taurus shades of green

Tauruses are ruled by the planet Venus – the goddess of love and romance. These natives enjoy the finer things in life and have a refined taste when it comes to beauty and fashion. They’re also an Earth sign, which makes them deeply connected to everything earthy. The color green and all of its various shades are the most grounding interior option for Tauruses.

Gemini – A Serene Creative Realm

color palette home decor zodiac sign gemini blue olive green orange

Gemini’s are a mutable air sign. They enjoy a tactile space that can both bring them comfort and keep them mentally stimulated. A Great combination of colors for them is pastel sky blue with shades of brown and a little pop of muted orange.

Cancer – Where Soft Sand and Warm Waters Collide

interior design color palette zodiac sign cancer sky blue orange eggshell brown

Cancer natives need color in their homes! They have a bubbly nature which is best nurtured and represented by soft orange tones. Cancerians, just like the water, have a really pure, soothing, mother-like energy that is best embodied by bright shades of blue.

Leo – A Royal Larger-Than-Life Abode

home interior design color palette zodiac sign leo shades of brown gold yellow

Leos are born with an innate aesthetic flair and sun-like energy that naturally draws people in. They’re social, energetic, loud, and proud! Their royal class and sophisticated taste will be best represented in their home with deep shades of brown, gold, and brass elements, and a combination of modern interior pieces.

Virgo – A Minimalist Feast for the Senses

virgo interior design color palette earthy tones green beige brown

You can be sure that every interior element in a Virgo’s home has gone through thorough analysis and discussions (mostly with themselves). The Virgo natives are incredibly intuitive and systematic with impeccable attention to detail. They’re undoubtedly a sign that needs a tactile environment that will keep their senses engaged. Virgos are an earth sign with mutable energy. This means that they need their home environment to be calm and grounding. They feel most at peace in a space decorated in shades of moss and olive green, and shades of beige and gray.

Libra – Dazed by Beauty and Grace

libra interior design color palette pastel pink blue green

Libra, just like Taurus, is ruled by Venus. These people are aesthetically appealing to a fault. Their ability to embody a high-class appearance in an easy-going and effortless manner is to be studied and admired! They are a cardinal air sign, which means that their ideal home decor needs to be practical, timeless, and awe-inspiring! Opt for a color palette with pastel shades of pink in combination with gray, olive green, and muted blue with brass elements.

Scorpio – Mysterious Chamber of Secrets

home decor color palette zodiac sign scorpio emerald green grape purple

Scorpios are people with a rich inner world who put the comfort of their home on the highest pedestal. Dark shades of purple, rich emerald green, and gold hardware can really make a Scorpio turn their home into a sanctuary. Opt for furniture in light shades of brown or beige to achieve a well-balanced and welcoming space.

Sagittarius – The “Old Money” Pioneers

sagittarius interior design color palette pastel blue white beige

Sagittarius natives are adventurers at heart! Even though they are a fire sign, they feel incredibly at peace and connected with the water. They’re people with an incredibly refined taste who are always in tune with the latest design trends. Because of their fast-paced lives and bold personalities, their home environment is usually in contrast with their bubbly persona. That’s because their home is their sanctuary that helps them unwind and recharge. These are not the kind of people who will frequently invite guests over, because their personal space is sacred. The Sagittarius individuals feel most at ease when their interior is in muted colors such as eggshell, beige, and pastel blue.

Capricorn – Bold and Alluring Aesthetes

capricorn home decor color palette rich purple brown mustard gold

A Capricorn home exudes class! These natives need a color palette that’s timeless, yet exciting and easily adaptable. Deep shades of purple reflect perfectly the intellect, spirituality, and royal demeanor of the Capricorn. Let’s not forget that they’re also an earth sign, so soft browns, and earthy greens should also be present!

Aquarius – Welcome to Wonderland

aquarius color palette interior design ocean blue violet green

Dreamers, innovators, and determined go-getters – the Aquarians have come to this Earth with a mission! These people are incredibly proactive in their day-to-day life. This makes the need for comfort and tranquility in their home incredibly important! Aquarius natives are anything but dull! They need their space to be vibrant, yet grounding. A good color scheme for them would be a pastel palette of blues, purples, and deep mustard yellow.

Pisces – Mystical Optimists

zodiac sign pisces home decor color palette teal orange beige

Pisceans are deeply emotional, empathetic, and all-loving beings! These are the kind of people who make any room they step into shine! Dark shades of purple and blue in these native’s homes help cultivate their deep and mystical energy. Contrasting colors like orange and yellow bring balance by emphasizing their bright, bold, and optimistic to a fault personalities!

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