Long Salt and Pepper Hair: How to Wear it in 2023?

by Gabby

Do you know that this year it is all about embracing your gray hair and getting the best out of it? In the past few years, even young women have tried dyeing their hair this gorgeous silver color, that enhanced their skin ton and made them look stunning. You probably have heard about the salt and pepper hair trend that was all over the internet recently. Today, we are going to talk about the long salt and pepper hair. How to style it? How to wear it? Let’s find out!

Long Salt and Pepper Hair: How to Wear it in 2023?

long salt and pepper hair for women over 40 ideas hairstyle

You are not feeling ready for gray hair? You think that will make you look even older than you are? Make these thoughts go away, because it will not only make you look super fabulous, but also trendy. This type of gray blending with black has become a staple for a lot of it-girls and women that didn’t afraid to show it off. The two shades make the perfect balance and resemble to salt and pepper, hence the name. If you have long hair that is showing its gray hues already, then this article is for you! Let’s dive right in!

Long Salt and Pepper Hair: Ombre hairstyle 2023

ombre hairstyle for women over 50 long last and pepper hair


Have ever tried ombre or balayage? If not, then 2023 is the year when you take the plunge. But let’s face it… ombre requires a lot of hair dye and this can lead to a lot of damage. What to do in that case? If your hair is already gray, then all you need is the salt and pepper hair effect. How to wear it afterward? Your long salt and pepper hair needs that curls for more volume and movement. The two colors already create the depth that your haircut needs, however the curls are that extra va va voom addition!

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Salt and Pepper Straight Hair: Hairstyle Ideas for Women Over 50

long salt and pepper hair for women over 50

For the women after 50 it is important to know that once you leave your gray hair untouched, the hair texture not only naturally changes because of the color, but also it can become thinner. If your hair is already thinning, it is not recommended to dye it a lot, since this will lead to hair loss. Instead, you can try to make it look thicker by simply adding a bit of black in between your gray locks. For the women with straight hair it is going to be easy to style and maintain it!

Gray Highlights for Women Over 40

gray highlights for women over 40 salt and pepper hair trend#

Do you need to spice things up for your long hair? Did it start looking dull, since you are in your 40s? You keep discovering gray hair? Well, consider yourself lucky! One of this year’s trends is exactly different shades of gray highlights that will create movement in your hair like you have never seen before. For this hairstyle it is recommended to curl your hair regularly. If you are worried about the heat, you can try heatless curls, which are a total hit now. Why should you curl your long hair you may ask? It is simply, because it will look better with your highlights!

Long Salt and Pepper Hair With Layers

long salt and pepper hair with layers for women over 50 haircut trends

Layers are the perfect way to give your hair an incredible “makeover” that it needs for the Spring time. Especially if your hair is long and gray, layers will make it look fuller and healthier. There are a lot of layers these days that you can try adapting. You can choose face-framing layers that will highlight your facial features. For this type of haircut, bangs are also a great option. If you are feeling bold enough, try layers with curtain bangs.

Salt and Pepper Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

salt and pepper hair with curtain bangs for women over 50

As I already mention, the ideal way to complete your layered haircut is to add curtain bangs. For the salt and pepper hairstyle, curtain bangs will create the illusion of even better gradient effect. As you can see on the photo, they not only frame the face, but it makes your hair appear thicker.

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