How to dress up as Wednesday Addams? Iconic Wednesday Addams outfit ideas that you must copy!

by Kristiyana

Is there anyone who hasn’t watched Netflix’s Wednesday yet? If you haven’t, you better get to it fast! Social media has been going crazy over Wednesday Addams’ character on the show, and who can blame them? With her cool, emotionless personality and sharp wit, everyone wants to be like the current “it girl”. And what better way to resemble your favourite character than to dress up as them? Here are some of the most iconic Wednesday Addams outfit ideas that you must copy right away!

Who is Wednesday Addams ?

wednesday_jenna ortega style

First, let’s mention a little information about this trending gal and why fans love her so much. The hit Netflix TV series, starting the beautiful Jenna Ortega as the titular character from the notoriously famous Addams family, follows her adventures as she is sent to a school for troublesome outcasts. There, she makes friends and enemies, gets into trouble (how can you go without that?) and even solves a local murder mystery with the help of her psychic powers. Witchy vibes much? The internet immediately fell in love with the character, and every girl nowadays wants to be like Wednesday Addams. Completely understandable!

How to dress up as Wednesday Addams?

what outfit does Wednesday Addams wear_jenna ortega


Consisting of mainly black clothing with white accents, her signature look is both spooky and chic at the same time. Whether you’re attending Halloween parties or just want to stand out from the crowd on any given day, there are numerous ways to recreate Wednesday’s iconic outfits for yourself. Depending on how accurately you wish to replicate her look (and your budget), you can find many Wednesday-inspired items of clothing online, in thrift shops and sometimes even in your own closet! Just remember, the focus is on black and white colours, leather, tulle, lace and your own pair of black boots! Keep on reading to get your outfit inspirations!

Wednesday Addams polka dot dress

how do you dress like a wednesday on the addams family_black dress with white dots


The first Wednesday Addams outfit we see in the intro of the show is quite similar to this one. It features a long-sleeved black and white florals polka-dot dress over a structured white top. When it’s colder, you can opt for that version of Wednesday’s outfit. For warmer weather, go with this short-sleeved dress instead. Complete the outfit with a pair of black or white short boots, or Mary Janes for a more girly look.

The casual Wednesday Addams outfit

wednesday addams outfit_what outfit does wednesday addams wear

Looking for a more casual Wednesday Adams outfit? We’ve got you covered! This Wednesday look featuring a black bomber jacket with a chequerboard jumper, and black tailored pants are the perfect wear for stirring up your everyday trouble and going on murder-mystery-solving adventures with your friends! Or you can, you know, just go and grab an easy bite at the McDonald’s by your house, but that’s for normal people.

The iconic dance scene black dress

wednesday-addams-dress_wednesday dance scene dress


I am pretty sure most of you are looking for Wednesday Addams-inspired outfits just to see more of her dress from the iconic dance scene, am I right? I mean, everyone’s jaw dropped when she came out with this stunning black frock. You have tulle, sheer and just the right amount of poof! This piece might be a little harder to acquire than the others, so you may have to reach for those savings of yours if you really want to pull it off. Sorry gals.

Comfy and cute Wednesday outfit ideas

wednesday-addams-outfits_goth dresses

Here are a few comfy, but undoubtedly cute Wednesday outfit ideas you can try! If you want to wear the goth look, but still feel comfortable, sport an oversized black hoodie or striped jumper. It’s quite possible you already have similar items of clothing in your closet. If not, your local thrift store will surely help you with finding some! Complete this chill goth look with a pair of flared leggings and black combat boots. Or you can go with the more girly comfy goth take, and sport this maxi polka dot white-collar dress.

The signature Wednesday look you need

wednesday addams outfit_wednesday addams dress

You knew I would save the best for last, didn’t you? I mean, we can’t have an article about Wednesday-inspired outfits and not feature her signature look! To achieve it, opt for a Peter Pan collar dress and wear it with black tights and platform boots during winter. In summer, sport it bear-legged with a pair of black or white strappy sandals. And you can’t forget those pigtails and black nail polish!

Ultimately, people have been taking inspiration from Wednesday Adams’ wardrobe ever since she first appeared on television screens back in 1964! This is largely due to the meticulousness behind her fashion style and because the character embodies a strong sense of confidence regardless of a situation, and despite being only a little girl! For the future, we hope to see many more original Wednesday outfits thanks to the popularity of the Netflix series, and you can be sure that we will share them with you. Have fun with your goth outfits, girls!

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