Which short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women will make you look younger?

by Kremy

You don’t have to be a hair expert to see that short hairstyles rejuvenate the face. We have emphasized many times in our articles that a Pixie or Bob hairstyle takes ten years off and this is proven every time a 50 year old woman turns heads. If we bet on the short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women formula, many young people can bite the dust. Why asymmetry? What are the advantages of asymmetrical haircuts?

Short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women: why bet on them?

What are the advantages of short asymmetrical haircuts

It is no exaggeration to say that the right hairstyle can make you lose 5 to 10 years of age. The challenge that many older women face is staying in their comfort zone with one haircut for decades or choosing a style that is too harsh. Relying on the “new year-new hairstyle” strategy to give yourself a beauty makeover is worth the effort. No miracles! It’s rather choosing to change your look and select one of the short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women that will give you a “restart. Because asymmetry is a conflict. Pixie or Bob, but not conventional!

Before you say that asymmetry is the opposite of order and beauty, I would like to contradict you that life is a victory of a form over its reflection and that there is no life without a break in the order and without a struggle between the antagonists. It is in this philosophical way that I hope to persuade you to wear an unusual hairstyle: let’s look at short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women!

Up-to-date hairstyles for women over 50

short asymmetrical hairstyles women 50 years old


As you age, it is important that your hairstyle is slightly up around your face and has movement. This is easily achieved with layers and cut or choppy edges. Heavy blunt cuts and geometric lines or shapes can contour a face, but they don’t look the same on everyone. Applying too much hairspray can give you a harsh look or accentuate shadows, wrinkles or fine lines.

You are not the conservative type and you want to shake things up. Asymmetrical short hairstyles for 50 year old women can become your signature look. The only rule of asymmetrical hairstyles is that one side is short and the other side of the hair is long.

How to wear an asymmetrical Bob with bangs?

short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women 2023 trends

How about an asymmetrical bob with bangs? What’s unique about it? It is a short haircut with an uneven contour. One side is shorter while the other is longer. This is one of the best hair ideas if you want to look chic, cool and daring.

  • Before getting an asymmetrical haircut, there are things stylists want you to know.
  • How will the haircut work with your hair texture?
  • How often will you need to visit the salon to keep the original shape?
  • Do you need to use hairspray to maintain the good shape?

For women with pixie haircut, this asymmetrical bob hairstyle can be achieved by widening the bangs. Cut one side shorter next time, while keeping the length of the opposite side. There are also many ways to enhance or improve a short bob for a 50-year-old woman. For thin hair that needs volume, stylists recommend products that add texture. For those with thick, unmanageable texture, there are smoothing serums that flatten a bit.

Short asymmetrical hairstyles for 50 year old women to frame the face

what hairstyle after 50 years soften pointed jaw frame face

Do you want to soften a sharp jawline? A face-framing asymmetrical bob hairstyle does a superb job of giving thin hair plenty of density.

does a short cut rejuvenate look pointed dramatic bangs slightly biased

At the same time, an asymmetrical bob with bangs and a slight angle is the extraordinary hairstyle for those who like a sharp and dramatic look. The heavy bangs outline the face, while the angle accentuates the blunt lines of the haircut.

Choosing an asymmetrical hairstyle when you have curly hair

does a short cut rejuvenate curly strands enhance natural volume

This is a way to highlight the shape of curly locks while enhancing their natural volume. An asymmetrical curly bob with bangs is also the only way to cut and style unruly wavy hair. Make sure when cutting that it’s cut to a length that compensates for shrinkage as the curls dry. Moisten to make the job easier.

Demonstrate natural chic with a shaggy asymmetrical bob with bangs

what is the rejuvenating hairstyle asymmetrical shaggy bob shaggy layered

Such a shaggy asymmetrical bob with bangs screams chic and funk! This fun-to-wear hairstyle has lots of layers that go well with lots of texture. It is best worn by women with straight or wavy hair and also flatters round shaped faces.

The asymmetrical layered bob looks much better with a subtle, undone style. It’s the soft texture that makes the finish carefree.




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