How to Fold Sweaters to Save Space: KonMarie Method is Here!

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The summer is over and the time is coming again when we will rush to take out the sweaters in our wardrobe. We all love soft and bulky sweaters, but the problem comes when we fold them… How to fold sweaters to save space, according to Marie Kondo? How to ensure everything is neat in our closet?

How to Fold Sweaters to Save Space: KonMarie Method is Here!

how to fold sweaters to save space marie kondo method konmarie

Autumn is already here, and we can say that the time has come to take out the sweaters and replace the summer clothes. This season is the coziest of all, and anyone who loves to tidy and decorate the home knows that this adds to the atmosphere. I love putting things in their place, and I especially love making my closet look organized and knowing how to find everything quickly and easily. For that, today we’re going to show you how to fold your sweaters to save space, according to Marie Kondo. You’ve already heard of the queen of folding when traveling, planning, organizing closets, shelves, organizing gardening tools, etc. She always has the best methods to save us a lot of time and effort. Let’s get started!

How to Fold Sweaters to Save Space According to Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is known for her methods of organizing, cleaning and decluttering. The methods are easy to follow and they are always helpful in a way that they save time and effort. It turns out that she has a way of folding sweaters that will help you to save space in your wardrobes or drawers. There are 2 methods that we are going to discuss today, depending on where you put your sweaters.

konmarie method how to fold sweaters to save space in drawers


How to Fold Sweaters to Save Space in Drawers?

I love putting sweaters in drawers, since you can make them visible and the access is easy. You can pick what to wear without making a huge mess. With the KonMarie method, you will save a lot of space, so let’s check it out!

  • First, since we are following Marie Kondo, she always advises that you get rid of the things you won’t use anymore. You can either donate them or sell them, depending on what you prefer. This will make space for the new sweaters.
  • Let’s start folding! Grab a sweater and place it on the table. Start with the right side of the clothing, and fold it going to the left, as shown on the photo below.
  • Make sure that the sleeve is nicely done, since it may crease if you don’t fold it correctly.
  • Do the same with the other side of the sweater, this time going from the left to the right. See picture number 3.

folding sweaters to save space marie kondo method closet organazing 2023

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  • Now, you have to fold the sweater in half, as shown on the photo below.
  • Since, you are going to put it in the drawer, fold them once again, to make it even smaller.

fold sweaters in a drawer closet organazing ideas 2023

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Are you ready? Now, all you have to do is fold the rest of the sweaters and place them neatly where you want. At the end of the day, it should be looking like that.

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drawer organazing ideas marie kondo sweaters folding

How to Fold Sweaters to Save Space in a Closet?

Using the method that we have shown you above, just skip the last step of the folding. That way your sweaters will not be bulky, just like in the drawers, but they will be thin. That way you will save space in your closet and the display will be more visible. The goal here is to make the access easy, so once you need a sweater, if you pull it you won’t make a mess. Try to make the sweater look as “thin” as possible with your hands. The perk is also that it won’t crease and it will not ruin the fabric. This folding method is effective for hoodies as well and for t-shirts.

fold sweaters to save space in closet konmarie method 2023

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Our advice at the end, once you are done with the folding, is to take your time and organize everything. You can either do it by color, or depending on which sweaters you wear more often. That will also save you a lot of time when choosing what to wear. Everyone can have a nice looking closet for this Fall/Winter season! All you have to do is put a little bit of effort!

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