How to Organize a Garden Shed: Follow The Marie Kondo Method in 2023!

by Gabby

Did you already invest in a nice garden shed? You will use it a lot this Summer, and that’s why you are risking in creating a big mess! How to avoid that? You need to know the tips and tricks and learn from the best! How to organize a garden shed with the Marie Kondo method? How to save more space and make it more practical? 

How to Organize a Garden Shed: Avoid the Big Mess This Summer 2023!

organize a garden shed with the marie kondo method 2023 summer

Do you know what’s a garden shed and how helpful can that be? They are usually small structures that are in the back of the house and in the garden. Normally, it is made out of wooden, and it looks like a tiny house. Some people use it to keep their animals inside, or many of us use it for storage. The good thing that the structure can be versatile and it can help you keep all your gardening tools and house tools inside. But, one question comes to mind… How to organize it properly? Today, we are going to show you the tips and tricks according to the queen of organization – Marie Kondo! So, let’s find out what is her method!

How to Organize a Garden Shed with The Marie Kondo Method?

You probably know about Marie Kondo and her famous organization skills. She has prepared a lot of insides for this Summer, and we can learn a lot from her regarding our garden shed. If you want to keep it tidy and neat, check out the steps that you need to follow:

Start with Your Project and Imagine The Ideal Garden Shed

According to Marie, it is very important to be familiar with the project you are embarking on and exactly what you want before you get started. If you’re using your garden shed for storage, then you need to be aware of how important it is to keep everything organized, so that gardening can seem like child’s play too. Or if you need to get more gardening tools, it’s best to make a list of the ones you already have and a separate one for the ones you need to buy. That way you’ll know a bit more about the space you need to free up and how much stuff you’ll need to arrange.

Take Everything Out from Your Garden Shed

Up until now we’ve been indulging in planning and presenting the perfect garden shed, but now it’s time for some action! Roll up your sleeves and get absolutely everything out of your shed. That way you can see what you have and also look at your list to see if you’re missing anything else. Remember that you probably don’t need all of these things and that you won’t keep absolutely everything. We still need to be organized and efficient.

Separate Everything into a Category

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Before deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, Marie advises that you divide everything into the categories we’ve shown above, and you can do as you find easier. You can group according to your needs and preferences.

Let’s Discard or Donate The Things You No Longer Need

Once you have separated your things into categories, now you have to move aside the things that you no longer use. There are three categories here as well:

  • broken things
  • things that you can donate
  • things that you can give to friends that love gardening

Try to give out as many things as possible, since they can bring joy to someone else and you are making space for new things in your garden shed.

Now Label and Organize Everything

Here comes the fun part (at least for me)! Now you have to put it all back together, but you are not creating the same mess as before. For this, you will need organizers to successfully put away everything you need. If you don’t have enough space, you can make extra shelves or use plastic planters, which will also collect a lot of stuff. A very important step here is to remember to put labels on everything you put away so you know what goes where. If you are looking for something in a hurry the labels can easily orient you and keep you from making a mess.

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Don’t Forget That You Have to Commit!

When you remove all the unnecessary stuff and organize everything, you will feel wonderful, trust us! But remember that to keep this result you have to take good care of this place, as Marie Kondo says. Always put things in their places and don’t clutter your garden shed with things that you don’t need.

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