The ‘Jellyfish Haircut’ Will Be Everywhere in 2024 – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It!

by Stephanie Yankova

Another animal-inspired hairstyle? Yes! And this one looks exactly like the name suggests. The Jellyfish haircut has been making its way to our mood boards since last year, but our statistics are showing that we’re yet to see more of this avant-garde look in 2024! Would you dare to try it yourself? I must warn you, there’s a high chance that the looks we’ve prepared for you might inspire you to go for the big chop! 

Jellyfish vs. Hime Cut – What’s the Difference?

hime cut vs jellyfish haircut differences

Both the Jellyfish and Hime haircuts originate from Japan, and the former is actually inspired by the latter. The Hime cut is a centuries-old traditional hairstyle that was given to royal women for their coming-of-age ceremony, also known as binsogi, at the age of 20. “Hime” literally translates as “princess”, meaning that the haircut was a symbol of nobility. It’s characterized by long hair with a really short front face-framing layer that’s cut right to the ears and blunt bangs.

The Jellyfish haircut, on the other hand, isn’t rooted in history, but it surely is making one right now! Just like most current trends, we can trace the not-so-humble beginnings of this one back to TikTok, where it gained popularity. It’s an experimental take on the Hime with two very prominent layers – a super short top one (which resembles the bell of the jellyfish), and a longer lower one (representing the tentacles). It’s safe to say that out of all the animal-inspired hairstyles we’ve seen so far, this is probably the one that’s most true to its name.

Why is it So Popular?

The Jellyfish cut gained popularity the same way most current trends are born – the power of social media. It’s bold, provocative, and certainly not something anyone would casually rock. If you want an extravagant look that’s going to make you stand out in the crowd, this chop might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Who Suits the Jellyfish Hair?

This haircut is incredibly short at the crown, and it thins out towards the ends, kind of like a more structured two-layer mullet. As a result, it gives you a lot of volume, which is perfect for those with thin or fine hair. However, if you have thick, textured hair, you might want to consider opting for a more layered version of this haircut, which will give you a more flattering and bouncy look.

Jellyfish Haircut Inspo for 2024

three layer jellyfish haircut long hair

Are you struggling to decide whether you want to have a bob or luscious long locks? The Jellyfish cut gives you the option for both! If you want to add more character to your new do (as if it isn’t extravagant enough already) you can implement face-framing money pieces in a bold, contrasting shade.

Double Hime + a Jellyfish Cut

double hime jellyfish cut blond hair

Double the trouble, twice the fun! Who would’ve thought that the ear grazing layers of the Hime would pair so perfectly with the micro bob and tendrils of the Jellyfish cut? It’s bold, fresh, and subversive – everything you need to piss a few close-minded people off!

Short Layered Chop + Micro Bangs

short jellyfish haircut baby bangs

The umbrella-shaped haircut works just as well with those with short or medium-length hair! Sure, your tendrils will be a bit shorter, but that doesn’t make them any less fabulous! Since both layers of your hairdo are rather short, a micro fringe will give your look a little more definition, and open up your beautiful face!

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More Jellyfish Hairstyle Ideas

voluminous jellyfish haircut red hair green tips

Bicolor Long Layered Jellyfish Haircut

two color layered jellyfish haircut long hair

Long Braided Jellyfish Cut with Cherry Red and Green Highlights

long jellyfish haircut cherry red braided tails

Anime-Inspired Cut with Blunt Layers

anime jellyfish haircut straight hair

Colorful Medium Length Jellyfish Hair Styled with Twists and Braids

colorful two layer medium length jellyfish cut

Super Layered Mullet-Inspired Chop

layered pink jellyfish haircut trends 2023

Jellyfish Cut with Long Layers

long jellyfish haircut two layers

Braided “Tendrils”

long jellyfish hair braids styling idea

Realistic Jellyfish Coloring and Styling

two layer blue and green long jellyfish haircut

Voluminous Wavy Cut on Virgin Hair

long voluminous jellyfish haircut wavy virgin hair

Dip-Dyed Medium Length Choppy Haircut

orange dip dye medium length jellyfish cut

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