How to Remove Mold from Walls Without Damaging Paint?

by Radost P.

Indoor mold can literally ruin the look of your beautiful, painted walls. Imagine how would you feel if you put effort and money in improving the appearance of your walls and after a while, you see mold stains on them. Annoying, right? Besides, it is known that being exposed to mold for a long time can lead to health problems  like allergies and asthma. So, it is crucial to take measures and solve the issue as soon as possible. Yet, how to remove mold from walls without damaging paint? This is a question that many house owners ask. Find out everything you need to know below.

How to Remove Mold From Walls The Right Way?

how to remove mold from walls without damaging paint literally ruin the look of your beautiful painted wall how would you feel if you put effort in improving the appearance of them

While it is always better to trust the professionals when it comes to removing mold from the walls in your house, you can also try to do it yourself. Dealing with this problem is not a funny activity, yet you will feel pleased after completing the task. It is important to know the causes of mold growth so that you can prevent it in the future. Keep on reading to learn about the effective methods of eliminating mold from painted walls.

What Are The Causes of Mold?

The underlying problem is moisture. You should ensure that your house does not have leaking roof, pipes, or windows that need to be repaired. If these are the reasons, you should deal with the issues quickly. On the other hand, bad ventilation in kitchens might be causing mold growth. So, ensure to decrease the level of humidity in your home.

Which Are The Signs of Mold Growth?

how to remove mold from walls vinegar how does it look like may generally notice green or black stains keep in mind that molds can sometimes be pink brown or orange covers areas that are humid


So, how does mold look like? You may generally notice green or black stains. Yet, keep in mind that mold can sometimes be pink, brown, or orange. It typically covers areas that are humid, like the walls in your bathroom or laundry rooms.

Is It Possible to Paint Over Mold?

Some people decide to paint over the mold, yet it is important to get prepared so that you handle this task the right way. To prevent the mold from coming back, you should remove the stains before applying the top coat. In addition, you could also use a mold-resistant paint.

Non-Bleach Method

Now, let’s move on to the first method that doesn’t require you to use bleach. To remove mold from painted walls, you need the following things – a kitchen scourer and a washing liquid. Soak the scourer into warm water and wash over the particular area. Repeat this step as many times as needed and leave the wall to dry out.

How to Remove Thick Stains?

how to remove mold from walls permanently effective methods that actually work how to use non bleach approach the right equipment and gloves

If the walls are painted with a white color and there are thick stains, you could use the bleach approach. You need a solution of water, bleach, and a washing liquid. Put it in a spray bottle and start applying it on the walls. As with the previous method, repeat these steps until the mold is completely removed. Finally, you could use a kitchen roll to dry the walls.

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Is It True That Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Mold?

There is a misconception that this kind of peroxide might be helpful in removing mold from walls. This is not true, though. Hydrogen peroxide can kill mold on hard surfaces, not porous ones. So, we do not recommend relying on this method alone.

Does Vinegar Kill Mold Inside Walls?

does white vinegar kill mold the underlying problem is moisture you should ensure that your house does not have leaking roof pipes or windows that need to be repaired

We hear it all the time, yet does this method actually work? White distilled vinegar is known to kill most types of mold species. In fact, this is one of the most effective and popular approaches when it comes to cleaning mold from painted walls. If the problem appears again after applying vinegar, you might be dealing with mold species that don’t get affected by the components of this solution. In this case, you might have to turn to an expert.

How to Remove Mold From Walls – Vinegar or Bleach?

So, now that you know what works and what doesn’t, you may ask which is better – vinegar or bleach? The first option is less harsh, which means that the possibility of wearing down wall surfaces is smaller. Besides, vinegar is safer in the sense that it does not cause respiratory irritation like bleach. In all cases, ensure that you wear protective equipment and gloves.

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How to Prevent Mold From Growing Again

If you spray the painted walls in your house with vinegar solution once a week, you can actually prevent mold regrowth. To make your home mold-resistant as a whole, you can regularly check for problem areas so that problems can be prevented in a timely manner.

In a nutshell, mold is bad for two main reasons – it is dangerous for your health, and worsens the appeal of your painted walls. So, it is imperative to solve the problem effectively so that you minimize the risk of mold regrowth.

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