Hair Accessories for Women Over 50 2023: 15+ Rejuvenating and Trendy Looks to Try This Summer

by Kremy

You’ve heard it more than once: age is just a number! Summer 2023 is already here and I’m sure it doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70, you want to refresh your look for the new season! How about trying a new hairstyle for once? This time, however, I’m not talking about a new haircut, curls or bun! I suggest something even more original: opt for hair accessories for women over 50! Whether it’s a headband, bandana or decorated barrettes, modern hair accessories are a great way to elevate your hair style and be more elegant without really making an effort!

Do You Need to Wear Hair Accessories for Women Over 50 in 2023? How to Choose Them?

short hair modern ideas hair clips 2023

If your gray hair is already appearing and you have decided to embrace it instead of hiding it, what better way to enhance it than decorating it with beautiful hair accessories for women over 50? No matter the color, texture and length of your hair, wearing accessories will enhance your hairstyle, your natural beauty and add elegance to your look.

But how do you choose your hair accessories when you’re 50 and over? It is a myth that you cannot wear original hairstyles after a certain age! However, you must know how to choose the right hair accessories for a rejuvenated and modern look. After 40 and 50 years of age, classic accessories are always preferable instead of too modern pieces in colors and decorations that are too flashy or bling-bling.

Always go for accessories that complement your overall look, hair color and eyes, highlighting your personal style. It’s advisable to avoid pieces that can damage your hair as it thins with age, and that are of poor quality. Always opt for a sleek, subtle and elegant look to appear younger and absolutely glamorous. Headbands and bandanas, hair clips, sticks and claw clips can be chosen in vintage or handmade versions and are perfect for mature women.

Hair Accessories for Women Over 50: How to Wear a Headband in 2023?

short hairstyle for mature women pixie with headband


The headband is one of the universal hair accessories for women over 50. However, to look chic after a certain age, it’s best to avoid overly “girly” headbands in bright colors, floral prints and with too many embellishments on them. Instead, opt for neutral or darker shades animal prints, interesting textures and elegant vintage styles. You can also wear your silk scarf as a headband! How to you wear a headband when you’re 50 or over? If you’ve made the right choice when it comes to color and style, wear your headband however you like: with your hair down for more elegance, or with your hair tied back during the heat in summer!

How to Wear Hair Clips for Mature Women?

hair accessories for women over 50 2023 vintage bobby pins

After the headband, hair clips are perhaps the most popular hair accessories for women over 50! They can be worn in many different ways, with hair tied up or down or to prevent flyaways from falling on the forehead. Choose them decorated with pearls or with rhinestones to be on top of the hair trends for summer 2023 and wear one or a pair of clips. Mix and match designs are also a great idea!

Banana Hair Clip for Women Over 50

vintage hair clips hairstyle ideas for mature women

The banana hair clip is perfect for all those with thick hair who like to wear it tied up to keep it cool in summer. This type of accessory is also a good choice for women with thin hair due to age, as it creates the illusion of more volume. Opt for a model decorated with pearls and wear it at a wedding to be beautiful and chic. Simpler, sleeker models, on the other hand, are ideal for keeping your hair out of your face on a daily basis.

Hair Sticks for a Perfect Bun

hair sticks for 50 year old women with gray hair trendy look 2023

The hair sticks are the perfect hair accessories for women over 50 who like to wear buns, but want to make their hairstyle more original. They can be found in loads of different designs and models to go with all your outfits and looks for summer 2023! Easy to use, they will give even more elegance to your hairstyle!

More Ideas for Hairstyles with Accessories for Mature Women in 2023

how to wear vintage hair accessories for women over 50 2023

Hairstyle for 50 Year Old Woman with Bobby Pins

hair accessories for women over 50 2023

Here’s How to Wear a Claw Clip in 2023

bun hairstyle for women over 50 with gray hair

Hairstyle with Headband and Tied Hair

50 year old woman hairstyle with headband and tied hair

Here’s How to Integrate a Headband into Your Outfit After 50 Years of Age

modern hairstyles for mature women

Original Hairdo with a Hair Stick for Gray Hair

modern hairstyles updos for women over 50

Clips to Decorate Loose Hair

rejuvenating hairstyles summer 2023 ideas

Chic Hairstyle with Black Bandana on Gray Hair

how to wear headband over 50

The Headband: A Great Way to Decorate Your Head

how to wear a headband after 50

Hairstyle with Tied Hair for the Summer Heat

hairstyles for women over 40 2023

Hairstyle with Elegant Beaded Hair Clip

vintage hair clips rejuvenating hairstyles for women over 40


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