Want a butterfly tattoo above the knee? Here are 12 Trendy and Stylish Designs!

by Kristiyana

Lately I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo. I am just not completely sure what I want it to be… There are so many interesting designs to choose from! Maybe I could go for something a little more gentle and feminine. A design that would look well if I decide to show a little more skin, and something that radiates beauty and femininity. To be honest, I have always wanted a tattoo above my knee. I mean, that would go so well with a skirt, shorts, or even with my long boyfriend jeans that are ripped right around the knees! And it would be so chic! Why not get a butterfly tattoo above my knee? That just screams girly and sexy! Let’s have a look at 12 trendy and stylish designs to pick from that are up to anyone’s tastes!

What does a butterfly symbolize?

butterflies tattoos_tattoo of butterfly

Before exploring the awesome butterfly tattoo above knee designs I have picked out for you, let’s shed some light on the meaning behind the butterfly itself. For those of you who don’t want to rush it and get a tattoo without knowing what it symbolizes, you should know that the butterfly can be associated with a variety of meanings.

Butterflies are recognized as a symbol of freedom, since their wings can take them anywhere they want. The wearer of this tattoo signals that they like to travel and seek liberty, and that nothing can bound them.

Another thing they symbolize is hope. Butterflies are first caterpillars, and with patience and will power they become a creature of beauty. Hence, everything is possible if you have enough hope.

Like the meaning behind the phoenix tattoo, butterflies are also associated with the process of transformation and rebirth. With a connection to the previous butterfly meaning, they begin their lives as one thing and later on they are reborn as another.

The butterfly tattoo can also be a symbol of romantic love and feminity. This is one of the many reasons why they are such a popular choice, especially among women.

Butterfly tattoo above knee designs

butterfly tattoo above knee designs_butterfly tattoo ideas


Let’s begin our tattoo tour with a stylish and intricate butterfly above knee design! If you are looking for a more simplistic and elegant tattoo, then you can go with this one. Get the black and white single-needle butterfly tattoo and put on a cute, chic skirt to perfectly accent its elegance.

butterfly tattoo above knee_butterfly tattoo above knee ideas

Let’s look at a different take here. The Moth butterfly tattoo has been trending like crazy for the past couple of years. Any time I go out, I seem to notice at least one girl wearing a moth design. So if you want to bet on something stylish and trendy, go with the moth butterfly tattoo option.

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colorful butterfly tattoo_butterfly tattoo meaning

Ah yes, one of my favourites! If you are not afraid of using colour for your tattoos, then this butterfly design is just for you. This richness of different hues would just really stand out right above the knee! I personally am a bigger fan of colourful tattoos than black and white ones, so I would probably go with a choice like this one.

monarch butterfly tattoo ideas_monarch butterfly tattoo

And a classic option nonetheless! Deciding to go for the Monarch butterfly tattoo is for anyone who is all about royalty, as that is what these butterflies symbolize. So get this fabulous design and signal to anyone in the animal kingdom that you are the queen!

unique above knee tattoos_unique tattoo designs

Again with a twist! If you are fascinated by the sun and the moon, or are into zodiac signs like I am, got with this outstanding butterflies tattoos above the knees idea! I am pretty sure that very few will have a design like this one, which will definitely make you stand out in a crowd!

girly tattoo ideas_girly tattoo designs

Another elegant and stylish design, very similar to the first one. Go with this chic butterfly tattoo and show off those gorgeous knees of yours! You can’t go wrong with a classy black and white design like this one.

beautiful tattoo ideas_beautiful butterfly tattoo designs

Up for more twists and turns on the butterfly tattoo? I thought so! If you are also into flower tattoo designs, then you can mix it up with a little butterfly as well. This above the knee look embodies femininity and beauty, plus it’s very original. How can you resist?

tribal butterfly tattoo_tribal butterfly tattoo designs

If you want to get a butterfly tattoo, but are looking for something less chic and more grunge, then go with the tribal butterfly above knee choice! Undoubtedly, will go well with your rebel look and signal to others that you have nothing to fear!

scary butterfly tattoos_spooky butterfly tattoos

Yes, I do have a design for anyone! Nothing says what a twist, than this creepy butterfly tattoo design featuring sharks and tentacles. Yikes! Get this one if you are looking for a tattoo option with edge, and to really freak out your friends. Goodbye sleep!

american traditional butterfly tattoo_american traditional butterfly tattoo ideas

Okay, that last tattoo really freaked me out. You guys feeling we can come back to those beautiful and ethereal butterflies? Yeah, we will do that… Let’s look at this interesting and magical take on the American traditional butterfly tattoo. Clearly, I design to die for. This one goes on my list!

above knee tattoo ideas_above knee tattoo designs

Getting a smaller butterfly above the knee tattoo is perfect if you have other tiny tattoos that can perfectly go with it! If you are one of those tattoo enthusiasts that love to cover their whole bodies in small and meaningful tattoos, rather than big and intricate images and designs, then this one is for you! And so chic!

Did you pick out а tattoo design for yourself? I certainly hope so! With all of these amazing and unique ideas, I bet you are calling your tattooist as we speak and looking to get an appointment right away! I mean, I will without a doubt go with a colourful butterfly tattoo. What about you?

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