Enclosed kitchen design trend 2023: What are the colors and elements that will make your interior trendy?

by Gabby

When choosing the right kitchen design for your home, you have to be really careful. We don’t usually renovate our houses every year with new furniture. So, we have to choose something that we are going to like for a longer period of time. Typically, when checking the trends, we have to keep in mind that it should fit our entire interior design and fit our home. However, if you have an enclosed kitchen, you can allow yourself to experiment more. What is the enclosed kitchen design trend 2023? How can you make your new kitchen design fit into the ambiance of your home? Here are the suggestions for you!

Enclosed kitchen design trend 2023

enclosed kitchen design trends 2023 interior cabinets countertops green gold chrome

Enclosed kitchen will begin to gain more and more popularity with the upcoming year 2023. What is actually an enclosed kitchen? Essentially, this is a closed space, meaning that you have to walk through a door to get to it and get out. The difference between a regular kitchen and enclosed one, is that normally our kitchens are open spaces. Very often they are connected with our living room. Sometimes, this can cause tiny problem when it comes to cooking and all the smells. The other great thing about enclosed kitchens is that they allow you to have more cabinets, which is always a good idea. You can also experiment with the design, since this a separate room in your home. Now that you know all the pros, let’s find out what are the current design that you can adapt in 2023!

Sage green enclosed kitchen design

sage green kitchen interior design cabinets wood countertop iron chairs trendy in 2023


Sage green is a soothing tone of the green that has some gray shades in it. It is very popular among interior designers lately. I personally think it is great for kitchen cabinets. If you have an enclosed kitchen, aim for a color that will make your space look bigger. That is definitely the case with sage green. It is not only trendy, but it will create this cozy feeling that you need. Combining it with these extravagant iron chairs will give this design a futuristic and modern vibe.

sage green kitchen cabinets with golden handles plants modern interior design ideas and trends

Combining the sage green with golden handles is the best decision you can make. The gold, when used correctly, can create this minimalistic, but luxurious vibe that you may need for your new kitchen. You can also add plants to make this green on green trend, which is a huge hit. For the countertops you can go with the classic white, or make them wooden, which is also very trendy!

dark green kitchen cabinets with golden handles white countertop modern interior design trends 2023

If your enclosed kitchen allows it, you can go with a little darker shade of the green and combine it with black, white, and gold. If you already have lots of light coming from the window, the dark green will give you a feeling of nature inside your home.

Navy blue enclosed kitchen design trend 2023

navy royal blue enclosed kitchen cabinets trends in 2023 modern vibes

Even though navy blue is a dark color, it is currently an absolute trend. As long as you avoid putting it on your kitchen walls, I think you can manage to achieve a very luxurious and elegant ambiance in your enclosed kitchen. Of course, the best combination is navy blue with white countertops and gold. Look at that beautiful, artistic faucet. You can implement a lot of extravagant art in your kitchen in 2023, or do your floor with black and white tiles.

dark blue gray kitchen wooden countertops enclosed interior design trends 2023

This blue color on the picture is more on the gray side, however combined with silver and wood, creates the perfect enclosed kitchen design. Silver will be the top trend in 2023. If you want to switch up the gold, you can just buy silver handles, and they will give your kitchen cabinets a new life.

Enclosed kitchen with concrete countertops

enclosed kitchen with concrete countertops industrial style interior design trends 2023

If you are wondering how to make your enclosed kitchen have an industrial style vibe, you should try combining different materials. Not only trendy, but very sustainable concrete countertops are among designers top choice. They allow you to accessorize however you want, and the industrial ambiance is guaranteed. They are absolutely chic and modern, and at the same time very subtle. When combining them with wood cabinets, don’t forget to add something silver, gold, or chrome. It will compliment both of the materials perfectly.

Biophilic design: enclosed kitchen trend

kitchen biophilic design trendy plants nature bio enclosed interior design 2023

Biophilic designs first gained a lot of popularity in office buildings. As you may know this design includes a lot of plants indoor, living walls, green walls, etc. This design allows you to bring nature inside your home, which can improve your mental health. In an enclosed kitchen, this design can really make your space look wider and give it a pop of color. In the kitchen you can make shelves, where you can put different plants or grow spices. You can also hang plants from the ceiling, in combination with your lights. If you are choosing this method, be careful with the plant choice and also allow them to have space, because the light can emit warmness.

Country/farm kitchen design

country farm kitchen design style trends enclosed interior 2023

If you want to escape from the boring, you should try country/farm kitchen design for your next renovation project. It is for the people that love color and that cozy feeling of leaving in the countryside and not the big city. It is warm, exactly like in your grandmothers house. But don’t let that confuse you, because it is certainly one of the biggest trends right now! Opt for wooden shelves, wooden countertops, combined with little bit of metal materials. You can see the sage green is the main color here again. If you can find some old bar stools and paint them, it will be the perfect addition to your enclosed kitchen.

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