Gothic Christmas nails: Impressive winter nail designs to try in December 2022!

by Anjelina

Gothic style is gaining popularity among young people as a way to express their individuality. In fact, modern manicurists have turned the gothic manicure into an art form, which is increasing its appeal among those who love it. Christmas and the winter holidays are no reasons to give up your style. On the contrary, it is necessary to unleash your imagination and simply add a little festive touch to your gothic manicure. We’ve decided to help you with this not-so-easy task by giving you some wonderful ideas for gothic Christmas nails. Surprise everyone with your unusual winter manicure this December, and most importantly – don’t give up on your taste and style! Let’s start with our suggestions!

Gothic Christmas nails ideas 2022

gothic christmas nails black white red circles snow white dots long nails red drops

The gothic manicure is often associated with long, pointed nails and saturated dark colors. However, it’s not a problem at all if you have medium length or short nails. The tips of the nail plates can be pointed, oval or square. The first color that comes to mind when we talk about gothic style is black. But it is far from the only one: blood-red, ash grey, dark maroon, dark brown, white or metallic are also used. And with all these colors, it’s quite possible to create a slightly more festive manicure! Here are our top ideas for gothic Christmas nails for 2022!

Black and white festive nails

gothic nails black and white gradient effect circles lines squares ornaments snowflakes


Our first idea for gothic Christmas nails is a classic combination of white and black. Just by using these two basic colors, you can create a truly festive manicure that still suits your style. To do this, paint all your nails black. Let them dry completely. Using a sponge, apply the white nail polish, sticking to the tip of the nail (so that you get a gradient effect). You can add more white dots to the base of the nail or paint other elements such as a moon crescent, snowflakes, stars or geometric shapes (rectangles, diamond, etc.). Such an easy idea and yet so spectacular! Why not give it a try?

Matte Christmas nails in burgundy

burgundy maroon almond shaped long nails avantgarde style gold glitter black lines

As already mentioned, black is not the only color associated with the gothic style. The red shades are also very suitable, and it goes well with the festive Christmas atmosphere. Paint all nails in burgundy, for instance, except one or two (ring and middle finger). Let them dry, then apply a matte finish. You can leave the other two nails with a glossy effect, or add black lines and gold glitter nail polish for an even more gorgeous look.

Black manicure with rhinestones

black silver glitter manicure rhinestones different size color long nails

Our next idea is for a classic black manicure, but complemented by beautiful rhinestones in different shapes and sizes and silver glitter nail polish. Paint all nails black (excluding the nails on the ring fingers). After polishing them, choose one or two and add a silver glitter polish on top. As for the ring finger nails, you can get more creative there. Go over them first with a colorless polish and once dry, carefully trace wavy lines with the black polish so that there is no coloring at the base of the nail (as pictured). Polish to the tip of the nail in black, let dry thoroughly. Finally, add pretty rhinestones in different shapes along the wavy lines you’ve created. That’s it – a very easy nail design, yet spectacular and ideal for the holidays!

Christmas nails with silver glitter

black medium length square finger nails silver glitter on top flames christmas 2022

At the beginning of the article, we specified that any nail shape and length is suitable for a gothic manicure. We prove it with our next idea for gothic Christmas nails – they are medium length and have a square shape. The manicure is extremely easy and worth trying to do yourself at home. Why not? Paint all nails black, let them dry well. Then, using silver glitter nail polish (you can also use gold glitter) and a thin brush, paint on flames starting from the top of your nails and ending just before the base. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Blue, beige and black gothic Christmas manicure

black blue beige white gradient marble effect lines rhinestones manicure idea

Come to think of it, many of the colors in Gothic remind us of those of winter. Whites, greys and blues are associated with snow and winter weather. Black can be perceived as the night when miracles happen. With that being said, it’s a good idea to use bolder combinations of a few colors to achieve a wonderful gothic-style Christmas manicure. Why not go for a few marble effect nails in navy, white and black? Others can have a smooth transition from one color to another or even to a third (go for a gradient effect). Paint a few nails in beige or another flesh color, and paint your favorite spiderwebs on top to accentuate the style you’re going for. Add rhinestones for an even more festive look!

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Gothic Christmas nails – Gallery

gothic christmas nails beige color pale blue christ in black and white long square nails

Festive manicure with silver glitter

festive looking nail design black nails silver glitter nail polish modern manicure

Gorgeous black manicure with flames on long nails

long square nails in black nail polish red orange flames christmas eve gorgeous look

Gothic Christmas nail design in black, white and grey

short nails gothic nail design black white grey spiderweb branches cat bat

Stunning gothic manicure for Christmas Eve

stunning gothic manicure for new year's eve on extremely long nails beige predominant color

Gothic glitter nails idea

glitter nail polish on long almond shaped nails white lines constellation

Black and silver glitter nails

black and silver glitter nail polish on long almond shaped nails gradient effect

Festive gothic manicure on long nails 

extremely long gothic nails for christmas eve winter nail design festive glitter nail polish


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