To avoid: Hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look older in 3 variations to no longer wear

by Kremy

One hair mistake and you look older than your age! This is an unpleasant phenomenon that many women have suffered from. When you are 70 years old or more, it is important to know the missteps to avoid so as not to add 5-10 additional years to your face. So what are the hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look old that you need to avoid? Today, our editors reveal the three hairstyles you shouldn’t wear past your 70s. As a bonus, we give you some ideas for hairstyles that make you look younger and give an immediate boost to your look.

Hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look older haircuts to avoid

Hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look older: The 3 haircuts to avoid

Is there really a haircut that makes women look older? Yes, yes, it is quite possible and it specifically concerns the ladies who are over 50. Let’s look at the three hairstyles to be banned urgently so as not to look older. The explanation is in the following paragraphs.

Long hairstyles

At 70, long hairstyles are to be avoided by all means! Why? As you probably already know, hair tends to get thinner with age and it becomes rough and sparse. Having long hair only accentuates this imperfection and you end up looking much older. What’s more, the length will make the hair more tired and it will be more damaged than ever. So it’s best to cut it off.

Short curly hairstyle

Do you remember Vanessa Paradis’ short curly haircut? This is the second one in the list of hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look older. Although short manes are generally recommended for older women, this particular style is rather to be avoided. This cut accentuates the lower part of the face while making the features look tired.

Hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look older: We say no to dark hair color

It is essential to properly explain this somewhat taboo theme. Want to hide white or gray hair? Going for too dark colors is probably not the best idea, because it will create the opposite effect instead. The result: the complexion is dull and you look tired and older. Also be careful to avoid other hair colors that make you look older like yellow, platinum and polar blonde, as well as red. For a more youthful and fashionable look, opt for lighter shades, highlights or balayage.

Hairstyles for 70 year old women to look younger


What are the hairstyles that make you look younger?

At 70, you can no longer wear the same haircuts you did at age 20. After the age of fifty, the circulation becomes increasingly slow, which affects the hair fiber and thus reduces the growth of the mane. So you have to know how to properly adapt your hairstyle to look younger and create more volume at the same time. If this seems like a mission impossible to you, think again!

The Pixie Bob: A hairstyle that makes you look younger

The ultimate 2022 trendy hairstyle for women, the Pixie Bob has been a real sensation among 60-somethings this summer, and with good reason! In addition to adapting to all body types and all hair types, it is a hairstyle that instantly rejuvenates the face. Thanks to the many layers, the Pixie Bob creates a mane with XXL effect.

Hairstyles for 70 year old women that make you look younger: Feathered-style layers

Do you have thin hair? No problem, because the short feathered haircuts come to your rescue! What exactly are these? Well, it’s a short hair style with layers cut to resemble feathers. This creates the illusion of a thicker, voluminous mane worthy of envy.

The French straight bob

There’s nothing like the straight bob to give women in their 70s and beyond an unmistakable youthful look. This classic and very chic haircut is perfect for ladies with glasses and can even be accompanied by straight bangs. The bangs is in fact recommended since it helps camouflage forehead wrinkles. Certainly, this is a haircut for women over 70 to adopt without hesitation.



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