Long Bangs Hairstyles: Discover Which of the Styles Makes You Look Younger

by Snezhana Besarabova

One of the questions that women ask when they try to choose their new haircut is, “Do long bangs make you look older or younger?”. There is one special place where the answer to this question is demonstrated, and this is the red carpet. For many years, celebrities show us the anti-aging effect of skillfully styled long bangs. When you watch the actresses, sometimes you’re not sure if they are in their thirties or fifties. You can learn this ability from them and even add something with your imagination of how to use the long bangs hairstyles. Now it’s your turn to refresh your look, highlighting the usually hidden beautiful features. We can help you by showing you the power of the long bangs hairstyles, which may enliven your face and make it look younger.

Long bangs hairstyles: The fascinating side bangs

long bangs hairstyles the fascinating side bangs

If you have long hair and the straight-across fringes are not among your favorite hairstyles, you can go for the side bangs. They are not so edgy and are a more smooth choice. The side bangs style usually varies from cheek length to shoulder-length and flows to one side of your face. It’s recommended by many hair stylists as the best approach to soften your face. After some time, when your side bangs have already grown long, you can wear them behind your ear. Your look will change a little, but it will still be fascinating. Side bangs require some treatment with a hair serum to keep them smooth.

Sleek front bangs for an edgy and young look

long bangs sleek front bangs for an edgy and young look


These thick and sleek bangs cover all your forehead, reaching to and skimming the brows, adding an edgy and young look. Sleek front bangs are ideal for women with voluminous straight hair. If you want your bang strands to always remain glossy, it’s advisable to invest in a ceramic straightening brush. You should fix your hair for a while every morning.

Feel the freedom with side swept bangs

long bangs feel the freedom with side swept bangs (1)

When you choose this haircut, you choose the freedom for your bangs that sweep off down your shoulders. The best advantage of swept bangs is that there is no need of sacrificing your pretty strands. The only thing you should do is brush your bangs so that they flow to one side of your head. The style reminds of romance and feminine fragility and doesn’t demand much maintenance. Flowing the hair with a hair dryer after a bath may be enough.

Long bangs hairstyles: Add a movement with layered bangs

long bangs hairstyles add a movement with layered bangs a lady

Layered bangs are a brave choice that a woman with long hair can make. As it may entirely change the way her face looks. Layered bangs add a soft movement to the whole hair. The hairstyle is a wonderful choice for women with softer facial features. Because it will alter their face dramatically, adding character to the look.

Choppy bangs, for non-committal women

long bangs hairstyles choppy bangs for non committal women

These bangs suit well to all the non-committal girls and women. Choppy bangs are the right choice for those who want to escape from high-maintenance hair. The length of the hair in this careless hairstyle may vary on a large scale. The choppy bangs grow out fast, and it is possible, if you wish, to easily switch to another hairstyle. Although there is no special maintenance, choppy bangs should be blown with a professional hair dryer.

Long bangs hairstyles: Wispy bangs for soft look

long bangs hairstyles wispy bangs for soft look

Maybe you want to do a haircut that allows your forehead to peek through and, at the same time, to have a natural look. Then wispy bangs are for you! These bangs are styled feathered and soft, and are perfect for women with thin hair. The eyebrow-grazing fringes of wispy bangs require regular blow with a hair dryer and moisturizing with hair serum. In that way, you’ll be sure that all the strands will stay in place.

Simple long bangs give a feminine look

simply long bangs give a feminine look

Some women do not want to lose hair length when going to the hair stylist. If you are among them, then, long bangs hairstyle is just for you! The advantage of this style is the face-framing hair that goes down your neck and shoulders beautifully, softening your overall appearance. This is definitely not an edgy look, but a warm and feminine one. Long bangs should be maintained with hair serum.

Long bangs hairstyles for curly hair

long bangs hairstyles with curled hair (1)

Having curly hair and bangs is so exciting, as they have minds of their own. You are not sure how your curls will fall and coil after a bath or sleep. That is why the curled bangs are so beautiful! They frame your face in a magnificent and always unpredictable way. When we talk about styling, curl defining cream is mandatory, if you want to maintain the curly bangs and your hair properly.

long bangs hairstyles make you look younger

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