Curly Medium Length Bob Hairstyles: This Is How We’ll Be Wearing the Curly Bob in Autumn 2023!

by Kristiyana

Do you spend a lot of time in the morning taming your curls and putting them into shape? How can you style curly medium length bob hairstyles? Which curly bobs are in this autumn?

curly medium length bob hairstyles autumn 2023 hair trends

We women often don’t know what we want. If we have curls, we straighten our hair all the time and if we have straight hair, we dream of a curly head of hair. Sometimes they stick out in all directions, sometimes they seem not well-defined enough – curly girls certainly know the problem. Yet, there are countless wonderful ways to style curly medium length bob hairstyles and create an elegant look. Here’s how!

Curly Medium Length Bob Hairstyles: Who Can Wear the Curly Bob?

shaggy bob with curls trend hair style 2023 bob hair styles mid length curly


The curly bob is all the rage again and is being hailed as one of the coolest hairstyle trends for autumn 2023. The optimal length for the curly bob ends somewhere between the shoulder and the chin, and the haircut offers us with a casual yet feminine look. And the best thing? Absolutely every woman can achieve a gorgeous curly medium length bob hairstyle with the right styling methods!

long bob with curls trend hairdo 2023 bob hairdos middle length curly

Of course, those of you with natural curls have the best prerequisites to rock the hairstyle trend. But to style curly bob hairstyles, a high-quality diffuser hairdryer, and a good curl cream are absolutely essential.

curly medium length bob hairstyles 2023

You have straight hair and fancy a bit of a change? You, too, can style a medium length bob hairstyle and achieve perfect curls! To get the trendy haircut, you should preferably use a curling iron with a thin attachment. The narrower the curls, the more structured the hairstyle will look, and that’s exactly what curly bobs are all about. However, keep in mind that this will make your hair look much shorter.

curly medium length bob hairstyles long bob with curls trend hairstyles autumn 2023

And to make the look last as long as possible, use styling products like a texture spray or gel. If all this is too much work for you, you could alternatively have a perm done. This styling method has been making a huge comeback for a few months now and always provides a cool and polished look.

The Curly Bob Hairstyles That Are Hot This Autumn 2023

hairstyles with curls over 50 bob hairstyles mid length curly

If you want to try different styles with a curly medium length bob hairstyle, you are literally spoilt for choice! The curly bob can be styled in numerous ways, so there’s definitely something for every taste and style.

The Shaggy Bob with Curls

shaggy lob with curls bob hairstyles mid length curly

Wild, bold and always a great eye-catcher – the shaggy bob with curls is currently experiencing a real revival and is celebrated as one of the coolest hairstyle trends for autumn 2023. The hair is cut in a heavily layered style, and the many varieties of bangs you can try in combination with the curls provide an extra portion of volume and dynamism.

Curly Medium Length Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

curly medium length bob hairstyles with bangs 2023

Curly girls can’t wear bangs? We don’t think so at all! The natural look is back in style this autumn, and trendy curly bangs that casually fall over the face give the curly bob a super exciting touch. However, here too – to show off the curls to their best and keep them looking well-groomed, go for an enhancing curl cream.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob Hairstyle

asymmetrical lob with curls bob hairstyles mid length curly

Evenly cut hair is officially a thing of the past! Do you love to experiment with your look? How about getting a curly medium length bob hairstyle and combining it with an asymmetrical cut? The asymmetric curly bob is THE hairstyle trend for autumn 2023 and will always create a wow effect. This hairstyle acts as a real volume booster and looks really cool.

The Curly Bob for Women Over 50

curly bob hairstyles for over 50

Does your hair lose more and more elasticity over the years, or do your curls no longer feel so lively? Then the curly bob for women over 50 is exactly what you need this autumn! The hairstyle is anything but boring and even makes you look a few years younger. And that’s exactly what we all want to achieve after a certain age, isn’t it?

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How to Properly Care for Curly Hair?

curly hair styles bob hairstyles with curls

To style curly medium length bob hairstyles, the right hair care is essential. However, this can sometimes become a real challenge, as curls always need more care than straight hair. And to keep the curly bob looking beautiful and elegant, here are a few tips on how to care for curly hair:

curly medium length bob hairstyles with fringe

  • Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair – Special care products for curls promote the bounciness of the hair and provide it with plenty of moisture. Avoid shampoos with parabens, sulphates and silicones, as these ingredients make your hair even drier. Since curly hair tends to be naturally dry, use moisturising products with rich oils such as avocado oil, argan oil or coconut oil. You can also apply the oils in pure form and use them once a week as a hair treatment.

current hairstyle trends autumn 2023 bob hairdos mid length curly

  • Dry curly hair properly – Since curls are naturally very dry, it is recommended that you always let your hair air dry. To make the individual curls look beautifully defined, always use a curl cream after washing. In autumn and winter, you can dry only the hairline with a hairdryer. To prevent fuzz and split ends, blow dry the hair with a diffuser.
  • Comb natural curls properly – Curly hair should always be brushed very carefully and preferably directly after washing. Special detangling brushes or a coarse-toothed comb are particularly gentle for this hair type.

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