Low Maintenance Evergreen Climbing Plants: Bring Scent and Vertical Beauty Yearly with Almost No Care!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Gardening enthusiasts are looking at evergreen climbing plants, which require almost no care, with high attention to bring vertical interest and vigorous growing greenery to landscapes and yards. These vines wonderfully combine the show of year-round foliage, scent and tender beauty of their abundantly blooming florets. Which of the low-maintenance evergreen climbing plants to choose from to underline the individuality of your green area? Let’s look through the possibilities…

Easy to Grow Evergreen Climbers

confederate jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) evergreen climbing plants

When you consider how to select low-maintenance evergreen climbing plants for your garden, this often turns into your top priority. There are some of these plants that are not only pretty and inviting, but also a pushover to cultivate:

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

english ivy (hedera helix) easy to grow evergreen climbers


English Ivy is an exemplary evergreen climber renowned for its glossy, dark green leaves. This sturdy plant is well-suited to a diversity of conditions and can prosper in sun, as well as in shade. This amazing plant is not rather demanding when it comes to nutrition in soil, and can accommodate in a variety of pH levels. Once grounded, it demands little care beyond rare trimming to keep it in check.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

star jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) low maintenance climbing vines

Star Jasmine, also familiar as Confederate Jasmine, is an adorable evergreen climber valued for its scented, white, star-shaped florets. This flowering vine grows vigorously in sun-lit areas, or at least with partial shade, and is comparatively low-maintenance. Regular trimming to shape the vines is all which it needs to maintain it to look its best. Additionally, the exquisite fragrance of its florets is an added prize.

Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris)

climbing hydrangea (hydrangea petiolaris) low maintenance evergreen ground cover

Climbing Hydrangea is an exclusive choice amidst evergreen climbers. While it may take away 2–4 years to become fortified, this plant payoff patience with delightful lacecap florets and rich greenery. It likes fractional to full shade and moist, well-draining soil. When it begins to climb, it needs only minimal attention, turning it in a superb choice for low-maintenance homeowners.

Clematis Armandii (Clematis armandii)

clematis armandii (clematis armandii) are there any evergreen climbing plants

Clematis Armandii, also familiar as Evergreen Clematis, is cherished for its aromatic, star-formed white flowers and sleek foliage. It thrives in full sun to incomplete shade and well-drained soil. This impetuous climber is comparatively easy to care for, as all it needs is a regular trimming to take away dead or tangled stems, and that’s all the necessary attention. Evergreen Clematis’s early spring blooms are an airy and graceful possession to any garden.

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What Evergreen Climbers Don’t Need Support?

 don't need support climbing roses pink color low maintenance indoor climbing plants

It’s a privilege to have in your garden low-maintenance evergreen climbing plants, which can grow on its own root, relying only on itself, without the need for supplementary maintenance structures. There are a few of this kind of climbers, which do not throw leaves in fall, and show such a self-supporting quality:

Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)

boston ivy (parthenocissus tricuspidata) don't need support low maintenance evergreen climbing plants

In northern regions, Boston Ivy, is technically deciduous plant, but in more southern parts is famous for its ability to reserve its bright green leaves throughout the fall. This climbing vine uses adhesive pads to attach itself to walls and other vertical areas, and it does not need any additional trellises or supports. It may exhibit lovely red foliage in late autumn, making it a multilateral and attractive possession.

Climbing Roses (Rosa spp.)

climbing roses don't need support low maintenance evergreen climbers

While most of the roses are deciduous, some climbing rose varieties are evergreen or semi-evergreen, which depends on the climate zone where they grow. This species usually have sound vines, which can be learned to climb vertically, making them ideal for walls, arches, and fences. They do not demand another backing, and with the right pruning, they can keep the necessary shape and form handsome blooms as long as the growing season lasts.

Fast-Growing Low Maintenance Evergreen Climbing Plants

honeysucker low maintenance evergreen climbing plants

For those of you, who are looking to cover fast an open wall or quickly compose a green screen, fast-growing evergreen climbers are just the plants you are in need of. There is one choice that is going to bring rapid success:

Honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) Honeysuckle vines are famous for their fast growth and agreeably scented florets. Some of these varieties are deciduous, though a few evergreen species are available, like the Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica). Its vines are able to grow 3–4 feet in a season, consequently they are a great possibility for covering fences, trellises, or pergolas.

climbing roses don't need support best low maintenance evergreen shrubs (1)

Evergreen climbing plants are here to heighten the beauty of your garden through all four seasons, and there are species among them, which are surprisingly easy to be grown. With just a little bit of attention, these plants will flourish, adding a scent and vitality to your green area.

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