Libra Nails 2023: 15 Stunning Design Ideas to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday with Class!

by Stephanie Yankova

Happy Birthday, Libras, and happy fall! This month we’re celebrating you and all the beautiful Venerian energy that comes with your zodiac sign! Libra is the sign of justice, balance, and harmony, as well as love, romance, beauty, and art. So, what better way to channel your kind, loving, and artistic nature than with a little self-pampering? It’s time to get the birthday celebrations started with a fabulous set of thematic Libra nails, and let everybody know who’s calling the shots this season! 

Libra Nails Design Ideas 2023

earthy green gradient nails libra season manicure 2023

As we’re stepping into the fall season and switching our nail polishes to a more earthy and moody palette, this elegant and minimalist gradient green manicure makes for the perfect seasonal accessory! If you were born under the sign of Libra, you can easily turn this manicure into a stylish birthday set by having a simple Libra zodiac sign symbol painted on in glitter gold.

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Halloween-Themed Orange Chrome Libra Nails

abstract decorations orange chrome halloween nails libra season manicure 2023


Having Libra season, fall AND Halloween in one month definitely leaves a lot of room for creativity when it comes to creating an on-theme manicure. These vibrant chrome burnt orange nails are absolutely mesmerizing on their own, and the combination of celestial and Halloween-themed decorations makes it even cooler!

Modern Minimalist Zodiac Nails

minimalist matte libra zodial sign symbol nails gold plastic decorations

I love a clean girl manicure but when it comes to birthday nails I want to make sure that people are looking at my hands and praising my cool birthday girl nail design! This gothic calligraphy font has become incredibly popular over the last few years and I have to say – it looks phenomenal in contrast with the clean matte nude base! To elevate the design even further you can add some bling and quite literally turn your nails into an accessory!

Moody Mismatched French Tips with Gold Celestial Decorations

moody mismatched burgundy brown orange french tips gold pigment paint decorations libra nails 2023

Nothing beats a French manicure… unless it’s one with moody brown and burgundy tips and gold stars! If there is one nail design capable of causing envy during your birthday month, Libras, it’s this one! It’s elegant yet edgy and completely in the fall vibe with this deep earthy color palette!

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Navy Blue Celestial Manicure

glitter navy blue nails celestial design libra constellation zodiac sign symbol scales

The period from the Autumn equinox until right after the Wild Hunt rides is also known as the Season of the Witch. If you’re someone who enjoys tapping into the occult, this witchy navy blue manicure with white and silver constellations will make the perfect addition to your seasonal attire!

Abstract Matte Libra Nails with Symbolic Decorations

matte black purple symbolic decorations fall manicure libra nails 2023

I’m personally a huge fan of mismatched nails with unique symbolic decorations, so this manicure is right up my alley! The choice of black and purple nail polish adds a mystical vibe to the manicure and the matte finish unifies the whole design and makes it appear more refined.

More Unique Libra Nail Designs

galaxy libra nails stars constellations celestial manicure 2023

Abstract Purple French Tips with Gold Celestial Decorations

abstract purple french tips celestial nails libra season gold decorations

Matte Black and White Ombre Libra Season Nails with Gold 3D Lettering

matte ombre white black long square manicure 3d plastic libra lettering decorations

Nude Glitter Libra Nails with Abstract Navy Blue Angled French Tips

long square glitter libra nails abstract angled navy blue french tips

Matte Nude Nails with Libra Constellation and an Accent Black Ombre French Tip

libra constellation birthday nails october manicure 2023

Gothic Font Libra Lettering and Birth Year Manicure with Gemstone Decoration

gothic font libra lettering birth year gemstone decorations nude manicure birthday nails october 2023

Libra Season Mystery Manicure with Silver Constellations

mystery manicure libra season celestial nails abstract pink french tips evil eye silver decorations

Modern Libra Symbols Manicure with a Milky White Base and Gold Decorations

mismatched gold symbols libra nails birthday manicure october 2023

Minimalist Pastel Pink French Manicure with Silver Glitter Libra Zodiac Sign Symbol Decoration

minimalist long square french tip nails silver libra zodiac sign symbol

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