20 Simple Fall Nails Trends Everyone Will Want to Copy in 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you starting to feel the autumn vibes creeping in? The leaves are turning brown, the wind is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. This means only one thing – it’s time to cozy up! Grab a cup of pumpkin-spiced latte and give yourself a well-deserved self-care day! A new season calls for a new manicure, and we’ve got the latest and most fabulous designs right at your fingertips! Find inspiration for your next manicure with these elegant ideas for simple fall nails!

fall nail polish colors burnt orange burgundy gray nude

What Nail Colors Are Best for Fall?

The fall nail polish color palette embodies the typical colors of the season that we see in nature. Some of the most popular shades used during this period of time are in fact inspired by the colors of the fallen leaves, such as:

  • burgundy
  • crimson red
  • burnt orange
  • ochre yellow
  • desert sand
  • almond brown
  • chocolate brown
  • dark sea green 
  • sage green
  • eggplant 
  • navy blue

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Simple Fall Nails Ideas 2023

short simple fall nails orange french tips manicure 2023


Nothing says autumn quite like a burnt orange manicure! It’s playful, vibrant and will sit beautifully against your freshly tanned skin! To keep it simple and classy, instead of applying the nail polish on your whole nail bed, you can opt for a colorful short French tip manicure!

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Tricolor Mismatched Fall French Tips

mismatched 3 color abstract french tip manicure simple fall nails 2023

I’m someone who hardly ever gets my nails done in just one color. However, I do enjoy minimalist designs, and coming up with something that’s subtle yet eye-catching is quite difficult. Well, it’s safe to say that this mismatched French manicure has caught my attention for all the best reasons! It incorporates beautifully two classic autumn shades – sand and burgundy – with a touch of pastel blue that gives it a slight summer touch. If you want an elegant yet bold and absolutely unique transitional season nail design – this is it!

Iridescent Chrome Curve Nail Design

iridescent chrome curve simple fall manicure design idea 2023

The metallic manicure hype is far from being over, so brace yourselves, babes, because we’re yet to see a big wave of fall chrome nails coming in hot! If you want your nails to have an edgy, yet subtle design that will easily suit any outfit and occasion, this might just be it! The abstract curve design first became popular thanks to Vanessa Hudgens who rocked it so gracefully at the recent MET Gala. A few months later, we’re still not over it and if you haven’t given it a try yet, this is your chance!

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Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

chocolate glazed donut nails simple fall manicure design

Thank you, Hailey Bieber, for blessing us with one of the best manicure trends we’ve ever tried – the glazed donut! If you want to give your plain manicure just a little bit of zhuzh, simply buff some chrome powder on top of your favorite nail polish color, and voilà! My absolute favorite color to wear during the fall is deep chocolate brown, so this glazed donut version is definitely getting at the top of my list!

Burnt Orange and Burgundy Ombre

burnt orange burgundy ombre simple short fall nails 2023

Just because autumn is coming it doesn’t mean you can’t have bold, vibrant nails anymore! These rich shades of burnt orange and burgundy make the perfect ombre combination for a fiery fall manicure!

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Copper Glitter Reverse French Manicure with an Olive Green Base

simple olive green fall nails micro reverse french manicure copper glitter

Olive green is one of the most stunning nail polish colors that flatters literally every skin tone! It’s chic, minimalist and gives your hands a refined appearance. To elevate this nail polish even further you can a touch of glitter by incorporating a subtle reverse French design in golden brown or copper.

Dark Green Velvet Fall Nails

dark green velvet nails short simple fall manicure ideas

Another stunning trick you can try to elevate a green manicure is to apply a velvet effect top coat. This way you’ll get this stunning iridescent effect that allows your nails to change color depending on the angle at which the Sun hits them! For the best results choose a velvet top coat in a color that’s close to that of the nail polish underneath. In this case that would be green or blue.

More Stunning Simple Fall Nails to Try in 2023

shades of red mismatched elegant simple short fall nails design 2023

White, Beige, and Brown Minimalist Swirly Nail Design 

white beige brown swirls simple oval fall nails design 2023

Matte Mocha Nails with a Glossy French Tip

matte brown nails glossy french tip simple fall manicure design 2023

Mismatched Muted Fall-Inspired Nail Polish Colors

mismatched muted colors blue orange green beige simple short fall nails

Muted Orange Glazed Donut Fall Manicure 

glazed muted orange short almond fall nails 2023

Minimalist Short Fall Nails Design with Black Dots

simple minimaist fall nails black dots milky white base

Simple Short Fall Nails Design with a Milky White Base, Brush Strokes and Black Paint Splatter 

minimalist simple short fall nails 2023 milky white manicure brush strokes black paint splatter

Simple Short Squoval Red Micro French Tip Nails Design

red micro french tips simple short fall manicure ideas

Gold Chrome Ombre French Manicure on Short Oval Nails

gold chrome ombre french tip fall manicure design 2023

Ochre Yellow and Chocolate Brown Abstract Swirly French Manicure 

abstract french tips mustard brown swirls simple short oval nails 2023

Minimalist Black and White Abstract French Manicure Design

abstract minimalist black white french manicure design fall 2023

Angled Half-Matte Half-Glossy Burgundy French Manicure 

angled burgundy french tips manicure half matte half gloss simple fall nails 2023

Brown Gradient Mismatched French Manicure

brown gradient mismatched simple oval fall nails 2023

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