DIY Advent wreaths for 2022: Beautiful and easy ideas that you can make yourself in 30 minutes!

by Kremy

A homemade Advent wreath gives the decoration an individual touch. Whether modern in jam jars and edibles, hanging in a purist style or classic with poinsettias, we offer you several ideas for DIY Advent wreaths, with which you will create a festive atmosphere in the pre-Christmas period.

DIY Advent wreaths with taper candles and teacups

Advent wreath in cups instructions and DIY ideas

DIY Advent wreaths are very popular. Have you always wanted to make or decorate a wreath yourself, but somehow never had the time? Then you can opt for a quick last-minute idea. Perfect if you’re expecting friends to visit and you’re still missing the right pre-Christmas decorations. And perhaps best of all is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money right away, because you can make an Advent wreath from materials in your own household. The four poinsettias on the windowsill, several pine cones and simple candles are all you need to create a classic wreath. If it should be more modern, then you can opt for decorations made of paper or perhaps get a few laurel or eucalyptus branches from the florist’s store around the corner.

If you need to make things quicker, then you can arrange plain white taper candles in tea cups. You can use different cups and small glass bowls as long as they are color-coordinated. The gaps are filled with moss and dried grass, as well as pine cones. To avoid a fire hazard, it is best to buy LED candles.

DIY classic Advent arrangements with poinsettias

DIY advent wreath classic with poinsettia


DIY Advent wreaths and Advent arrangements have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. Together with fir branches, amaryllis and poinsettias, the arrangement looks especially charming and festive. To recreate the next idea, you will need a baking pan with a hole, four poinsettias, four white taper candles, fir branches to fill in the gaps, satin bows for the candles, rose hips, pine cones, several amaryllis bulbs and other decorative items of your choice (for example origami stars made of construction paper) or small decorative figures. You still need modeling clay from the handicraft shop.

do it yourself classic Advent wreath with baking pan

Now you can first put the poinsettias and potting soil in the tin and then fill in the gaps with modeling clay. Insert the candles into the modeling clay to secure them. Cover the modeling clay with fir branches, dried flowers, amaryllis bulbs and other natural materials of your choice.

DIY advent wreath with poinsettia instructions

This DIY idea is not only super easy but can be recreated in less than 30 minutes. It can also be realized with materials from your own garden/the nearby park or forest. Of course the children can help. Organize a family outing at the weekend, collect various natural materials for the Advent wreath together and leave them to dry at home overnight. Then you can start crafting.

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Design a hanging Advent wreath

hanging Advent wreath design DIY instructions

Hanging advent wreaths look super attractive and save table space. To replicate the next ideas, you need natural materials, candles, wire and twine or bows for hanging. When it comes to crafts, there are no limits to your own creativity. You can opt for a purist design. In this case, you can set accents with an unusual choice of materials. Advent wreaths with eucalyptus, for example, look very nice. You can also use laurel or boxwood branches. As a decoration you can cut out different motifs from paper. Leaves, bird feather and stars will complement the wreath. It is best to use LED candles.

DIY Advent wreaths instructions for hanging

Hang the wreath above or near the dining table to create a festive atmosphere. Don’t forget to regularly replace yellowed or dried branches. If you wish, you can spray the wreaths with a color spray, making individual leaves shine in metallic colors (bronze, copper, gold).

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Arrange DIY Advent wreaths on a tray

Advent wreath on tray with moss and amaryllis bulb

If you need to do it really quickly, you can opt for an Advent wreath on tray. In contrast to the classic Advent wreath, you do not need to tie the individual details together, you can arrange them on the tray as you like. Place moss as a base and gap filler. Then you can place lanterns in jam jars on the tray. Several amaryllis bulbs in wax will spice up the wreath.

how to make Advent wreath on a tray

Experiment with the materials – succulents, homemade Christmas trees made from bottle brushes, fragrant cinnamon sticks and even stars made of metal and glass can spice up the Advent arrangement on the tray. Sprinkle the materials with glitter to set them off to great effect.

Modern designs

DIY Advent wreath with succulents

An Advent wreath made of succulents and laurel leaves is ideal for anyone who wants a modern design. Simple and elegant at the same time, this wreath is ready in less than half an hour. You need a straw wreath around which you can first wrap the laurel branches and fix them with twine. Then the decorating begins. Succulents in different sizes make the modern Advent arrangement so appealing.



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