How to Make an Advent Wreath with Glass items? 8 Quick and Cheap Ideas

by Kremy

An Advent wreath with glass items is a quick and inexpensive option for the pre-Christmas season. And the best thing: anyone can make it as a DIY project. We’ll show lots of nice ideas.

It’s almost that time again: on December 3rd we’ll be celebrating the first Advent this year! If you don’t have an Advent wreath yet, but would like one, then let these alternatives to the classic inspire you. You can use any glass for this – from mason jars to lanterns to stylish glass bottles, everything that you have at hand.

How to Make An Original Advent Wreath With Glass Items?

wie macht man einen adventskranz mit glas

Look around your cupboards and find some glass items that you can use. You will need four identical containers or one larger that will fit all the candles. Let’s take a look at some ideas that are easy to make and are perfect for Advent decorations with a twist.

Quick DIY Advent Wreath with Bottles

diy advent wreath with glass bottles on a wooden disc

Glass bottles are ideal for a modern and unusual Advent wreath. They can be big or small, identical or different. If you don’t have any available, they can be found cheaply at craft stores.

You need four bottles and four candles – one for each Advent. Stick candles and taper candles are best because they fit well in the bottles. If the neck of the bottle is too small, you can carve the bottom of the candles with a knife to make it fit.

advent candles in bottles with natural decorations

You should remove any labels from the bottles and clean them thoroughly. Then you can fill them. Natural materials, small beads or scattered decorations that fit through the neck of the bottle are suitable. Bottles filled with coniferous branches or berries look very beautiful. But it’s up to you what exactly you use. You can also paint the bottles in any way you like, for example with special glass paint. The possibilities are endless.

If you are happy with the design of your Advent candle holders, find an interesting base for the bottles, such as a tray or a wooden disc, and arrange the bottles on it. Place the candles in the bottles and the Advent decoration is ready.

last minute advent wreath made of small bottles red candles and bow

For a last-minute idea that doesn’t require any special skills, you can bring the bottles together and tie them with a pretty, Christmas-themed ribbon. To make the Advent decorations look more festive, use colored candles, for example in classic red or green. Match the color of the bow for a uniform look.

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Arrange Advent Candles in a Glass Bowl

simple advent wreath in glass bowl with twigs and white berries

Larger glass vessels are a nice choice for original Advent arrangements. You can also design the Advent wreath in such a container. Fill the glass bowl with a material in which you can put the candles, for example potting soil, moss, sand, etc. Then place the candles in the middle and decorate as you wish. Classic Christmas decorations like snowberries and bows are always suitable. For a long-lasting decoration, it is better to use artificial branches. They look almost identical to the real ones and can be used every year.

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Advent Wreath with Glass Items – Use Tealight Holders

quick diy advent wreath with glass items tea lights

Admittedly, this is one of the simplest and at the same time most beautiful options. You can make an adorable Advent wreath with tea lights in pretty little jars. And it doesn’t take much time or effort. Here’s how to do it:

First wash four identical glass lanterns and let them dry. Remove any candle residue. Make the signs for the numbers from 1 to 4. You can use paper, cardboard, wood, foam rubber, clay or whatever you like. Punch a hole in each tag and attach a small loop. Tie a bow of jute twine or other ribbon around each jar and hang the signs. Place the glasses on a wooden board or tray and place a tea light in each glass. Simple, quick and above all – cheap!

hanging advent wreath with tea light holders

And how about making this simple hanging Advent wreath? For this project you need small preserving jars instead of lanterns because they can be tied under the thread. For hanging, you can use jute twine for a rustic look. Decorate the jars as you wish: you can quickly give them a Christmas flair with stickers, for example.

Nice Ideas with Mason Jars

advent wreath with glass items and natural materials

Mason jars are a cheap and original idea as candle holders for Advent candles. Fill them with natural materials such as pine cones, acorns, walnuts and pine branches to recreate the classic Advent wreath. Nature’s treasures will therefore play a double role – they decorate the glasses and at the same time keep the candles in place.

advent wreath with mason jar on a tray simple and quick idea

Classic pillar candles can also be used for an Advent wreath with glass items. However, you need slightly larger mason jars, for example for pickles etc. Here too, the following applies: wash the jars thoroughly first and then decorate them. The Advent wreath can then be arranged on a plate and decorated with Christmas baubles, pine cones and other decorations. The advantages of an Advent decoration without greens are clear: it doesn’t dry out and can be reused next year.

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