Casual Winter Outfits 2023/2024: A Simple Guide to a “Cozy Season” Capsule Wardrobe!

by Stephanie Yankova

Buckle up, ladies, it’s layering season! It’s time to rearrange our closets and swap the crop tops, mini skirts, and little dresses for knitwear, comfy sweaters, and warm coats. But how do you keep it classy and stylish with minimal effort in the nasty weather? Our team of fashionistas has put together some of the trendiest casual winter outfits for you to copy with ease in 2023/2024! 

Casual Winter Outfits 2023/2024

white puffer coat black baseball cap casual winter outfit 2023 2024

Building a capsule wardrobe with essential basic items is key to making your winter casual clothing rotation as effortless as possible. This will save you a ton of time when you rush to get out of the house in the morning, need to pack lightly for a trip, or are running late for a meetup. Based on personal experience, a decent amount of research, and a not-so-humble opinion, I’ve narrowed down the list to the following items:

  • A black cotton turtleneck (I prefer the ribbed ones)
  • Soft knit sweaters in muted colors (black, graphite, brown, beige, white)
  • At least two box hoodies with no, or discreet logos
  • White and blue slightly oversized shirts
  • A black satin shirt
  • White long-sleeve tees (the more, the better, as they tend to get yellow stains over time)
  • Straight blue denim jeans
  • Wide-leg high-waisted pants in neutral colors
  • A pair of comfortable gray joggers
  • Black leggings
  • A long trench coat
  • A black wool oversized long coat
  • A leather jacket (preferably made of genuine or vegan cactus leather)
  • A long puffer coat

Now that we’ve broken it all down, it’s time to browse through a couple of outfits for inspiration!

Nail the Smart Casual Dress Code with Ease

oversized black wool coat white shirt knit sweater casual winter outfit

A good quality long black wool or jacquard coat can take you a long way! It can take a while until you find the perfect one for you as there are many factors to be considered – your height, upper to lower body proportions, as well as the width of your shoulders. To put it simply, there’s a very thin line between looking like the Olsen Twins and someone who stole their dad’s old coat. However, once you’ve found the one, all you’re left to add to your outfit is a white shirt, plain white or gray sweater, a pair of pants, or a skirt in a neutral color, and voilà! If you want to, you can introduce a pop of color by choosing a contrasting bag or shoes.

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How to Wear Jeans in Winter?

wide leg high waist blue denim jeans black turtleneck gray coat simple elegant casual winter outfit 2023 2024

If you live in a place where the temperatures drop below 0 during the winter, I guarantee you that you will freeze if you choose to walk outside in any pair of jeans. In order to feel cozy and comfortable in them, you have to add a warm layer of clothing underneath, such as thermo leggings or thick nylon or cotton tights. This automatically excludes skinny jeans from the equation, which, on the other hand, opens up space for you to experiment with other silhouettes such as the millennial-favorite wide-leg jeans or puddle pants. A super simple and elegant way to style them is with a plain black turtleneck, a leather belt to help define your waist and a dark gray or brown long coat.

An Everyday 3-Piece Street Style Look

knitted turtleneck gray baggy pants white tee sneakers casual street style winter outfit 2023

When it comes to casual fashion, less is always more, and this monochromatic look is the proof! A cozy oversized knitted turtleneck paired with a white tee that subtly peeks underneath it, and wide-leg pants is all you need for a quick and stylish everyday look. You can easily dress it up or down just by switching the sneakers for a pair of stilettos or printed high-heel boots.

Styling the Timeless Trench Coat

casual fall winter outfit 2023 2024 trench coat straight blue jeans blue shirt baseball cap

The trench coat is an absolute must-have clothing item that every woman needs to have in her closet! If you haven’t owned one before, I guarantee you, once you put it on, you will find it nearly impossible to take it off. It’s elegant, incredibly light, and unpretentious, which makes it easy to style with pretty much everything. I personally love combining beige with blue, and the outfit above is a brilliant example of how well they can work together. You can style a plain or plaid blue shirt with straight or wide-leg blue jeans, throw the trench coat on top, and go on about your day!

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More Casual Winter Outfit Ideas

monochromatic beige casual winter outfit inspo 2023

Casual Office Winter Outfit 

everyday casual fall winter outfit white turtleneck black oversized blazer brown pants

An Easy Way to Style a Classic Puffer Jacket

simple casual winter outfit woman puffer coat blue jeans knitwear 2023 2024

Monochromatic Business Casual Fall/Winter Look

monochromatic fall winter outfit with black accents 2023 fashion trends

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