Advent candles ideas for the perfect Christmas decoration

by Kremy

white advent candles diamond numbers DIY christmas decoration ideas

Traditional Christmas decorations include symbols like reindeer, snowflakes, stars, evergreens, angels, etc. Many Christian families use religious Christmas motifs, representing the birth of Jesus. One of the most popular decorations are the advent calendars which count down the days to Christmas and the advent candles for each Sunday until Christmas day. We will show you some beautiful advent candles ideas which can decorate your festive table.

traditional red candles star orange cinnamon stick


DIY Advent candles ideas not only look beautiful. They add a feeling of warmth and an advent wreath is a magnificent table decoration. You can buy a wreath, decorate it yourself and glue the candles. The candles in all religions symbolize hope, peace, joy, love and Jesus Christ.

purple candles Christmas decoration ideas table decor

Arrange three purple candles, a red candle for the four Sundays of Advent, plus a white candle in the center, symbolizing the light on Christmas Eve. Light a different candle for each week. You need simple white or red candles and you can decorate them with a golden ribbon. Arrange the candles with green branches and red tree ornaments. Candles with nuts, pine cones or fruits are also a traditional combination.

 tea candles glass bottles small tree ornaments

The DIY Advent candles ideas will help you be really creative and original. It is very easy to create a festive atmosphere at home and at the Christmas table. You can combine advent lighting in different colors. Use natural materials – twigs, pine cones, leaves that you gathered from the forest and you will have fantastic decorations with a rustic charm.

 blue and white candles glass bottles

If you do not want to be traditional – choose candles in blue or purple. They will look beautiful combined with wood pieces and glittering tree ornaments in silver or gold. Ribbons, Christmas stars, even colorful buttons will help you create unique designs and have a lovely Christmas decoration for your home. Enjoy the gallery below and get inspired!

quick pillar candles white gold

 simple golden tray purple gold

tins cardboard fir branches

 tin pots fir branches burlap

DIY advent candles ideas tea candles glass jars

 red candles coffee mugs pine cones candy canes

DIY advent candles ideas moss and candles pine cones rustic Christmas decoration

evergreens succulents moss

christmas table decoration natural materials

buttons green branches

creative Dcolorful stones advent wreath

beautiful evergreens white candles

Advent wreath ideas white window decoration

 metal candleholder evergreen twings

advent candles ideas white candles fruits Christmas table decoration


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