Oak staircase designs in contemporary homes – stylish home decoration

by Kremy

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Every house is unique. It reflects the personality of its owner and it is the individual character of each house that makes it a home! Wood, as a natural material, gives any home a special feeling of comfort and coziness. We will show you 20 oak staircase designs in modern homes to show you the power of wood.

awesome oak staircase desings interior staircase ideas


An interior staircase is a central element in the house. In modern interiors people prefer glass, metal, even plastic or a combination of these materials which look beautiful and sleek. Wood, however, has something that no other material offers – naturalness. The warmth, the pleasant sensation, the sophisticated appearance can hardly be beaten.

oak staircase designs modern home interior staircase ideas

You will notice that the oak staircases designs that we have chosen have modern lines without losing their stunning visual appeal. Oak staircases have one of the highest aesthetic characteristics and that is why many designers prefer oak to any other material. Oak wood works very well with any interior – rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary, even minimalist. It has a rich color palette of natural soft shades and is a fantastic addition to any interior color scheme.

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Oak staircase designs transform a functional part of the interior into a luxurious decoration and a centerpiece. Oak staircases can be seen in many modern houses as they complement the interior design with their exquisite appearance. Oak wood is solid, extremely reliable and durable. In addition it can be combined with glass or metal and the visual appeal will be even greater as the beauty of the wood is complemented.

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In practical terms having an oak staircase has many advantages. It is not only durable, but it has a good resistance to humidity and temperature changes. If well maintained an oak staircase will hardly ever rot, crack or creak and will preserve the integrity of the original design for decades.


Oak staircase glass balustrade contemporary home design

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