The stunning beauty of unique glass staircase designs

by Kremy

unique glass staircase designs floating staircase ideas glass treads

The staircase is a functional necessity in any home. Each homeowner takes the decision what type of stairs will be most suitable for the interior. We will show you some really impressive glass staircase designs as they are pushing the boundaries of imagination.

spiral glass staircase ideas glass steel combination


Many people consider the staircases made of glass as a luxurious architectural element. However, with modern technology and materials, glass staircase designs are quite affordable. Their main feature is the amazing visual appeal and the feeling of lightness and airiness that they create.

modern staircase design glass treads and banister

Today there are so many different kinds of glass staircases, which differ from each other in shape, size and architectural features. In addition, glass stairs can be made of various materials. Glass staircases are quite safe as they are made of special architectural glass, which is chemically treated, tempered and laminated so that the staircase has the required strength to hold its own weight as well as the people walking on it.

spectacular glass cantilevered stairs

The unique glass staircases designs create a feeling of exclusivity. They look absolutely elegant, lightweight and due to the transparency of the glass, the staircase seems to float in mid-air. The light is reflected and refracted in the glass, the room is filled with daylight and appears bright and spacious.

glass stairs glass treads modern interior staircases glass steel

Glass works well with wood as well as with stainless steel and other materials like stone or plastic. When combined with wood the appearance of the staircase looks more stable. The combination of glass and stainless steel looks sleek and modern. The most spectacular type of glass staircases is the floating glass treads designs as they look as something from the future. Additional LED lights add to the originality and the unforgettable impression.

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 LED lights modern interior staircase ideas

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