Christmas coloring pages for children and adults! 2022 free printable pages!

by Anjelina

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here! A time when we are together with our family doing all the things we enjoy! Coloring remains a favorite activity of both young and old! What better idea than to grab some coloring pencils and spend some stress-free time with your child coloring Christmas pages? Since you clicked on the article, you’re probably looking for just that! And we’ve got some great Christmas coloring pages for both adults and kids, so you can get away from it all for a bit and soak up the magical atmosphere of Christmas!

Printable Christmas coloring pages

coloring pages for adults relaxation coffee crayons coloring pencils stress-free activity

Get your coloring pencils or your favorite crayons ready and sharpen them well, because we’ve got lots of beautiful Christmas coloring pages! We’ve thought of both children and adults because the level of complexity in coloring should vary. Adults can color much more complex pictures than kids, of course, so we have provided coloring pages for both young and old. All Christmas coloring pages are available for download, so, don’t hesitate to print what catches your eye and most importantly, spark your desire to indulge in this so relaxing activity!

Christmas coloring pages for kids

christmas coloring pages for kids coloring pencils getting into the christmas spirit


Children of all ages need to color pages, not just to be entertained or to keep them engaged. And not just at Christmas! In fact, coloring and painting develop many other skills and is a very useful activity! It develops children’s ability to distinguish color and use them correctly! It also enhances their creative side: a child won’t always want to color the sky blue, for example, but may prefer another color – yellow, orange or red – because they’ve watched the sunset and liked it, or they may want to make it pink because that’s just what they like! Having fun while coloring develops kids’ creative talents very well! Also, the mind focuses on just one activity, which improves concentration in children from an early age. Another plus point of coloring is that the child improves their motor skills related to hand movement. Kids handle small objects and learn to use their hands better this way.

Check out our suggestions for Christmas coloring pages for kids. You can just show them to your child, and they can choose what they want to color. Then, feel free to download the images and print them!

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Cute snowman wearing a scarf and a hat

christmas coloring pages for kids cute snowman with a scarf carrot hat trees snow

Christmas tree with a star and ornaments

christmas tree with a star and ornaments candle little toys festive spirit coloring page for kids

Adorable bear near a Christmas tree

cute bear near a christmas tree holding a gift kids coloring page free

Family around the Christmas tree

festive illustration indoors children gifts christmas tree star ornaments window

Christmas bells for coloring

jingle bells for coloring with crayons or coloring pencils

Santa Claus in his sleigh

santa claus in a sleigh with toys and gifts for children easy illustration

Cute reindeer, a Christmas tree and snowflakes

simple and easy drawing for kids to color raindeers christmas tree snowflakes

Winter scene with a church

winter scene for coloring by kids ribbon greenery stars church trees hills snow

Cute snowman, kitty, dog and birds

cute snowman with a hat and scarf birds singing a song kitty with scarf and hat little dog

Christmas wreath for coloring 

christmas wreath for coloring easy children's coloring sheets ribbon greenery

Reindeer and ball ornaments

christmas coloring page for children cute deer ball ornaments festive spirit

Christmas candles and greenery

christmas candles flame warm cozy easy drawing for coloring

Christmas fairy village

christmas fairy village smoke roofs windows snowfall trees

Santa Claus and Rudolph

santa claus rudolph gift delivery belt hat boots sack full of gifts

Christmas coloring pages for adults

coloring pencils christmas coloring pages for adults and kids yellow orange blue green brown red

Christmas is most often the time when we choose to rest for a while, get rid of the accumulated tension during the year, and recharge ourselves for the upcoming one. We do the things that we love and don’t often have time for in our hectic daily lives. Coloring pages, for example, is just such an activity. No wonder so many adult coloring books are appearing on the market more and more often. They consist of much more complex drawings than those for children, but they operate on the same principle. Well, the pages probably won’t develop your color-sensing skills to that extent, but they will distract you from everything around. By focusing on an enjoyable activity, your brain will relax and take a break from everything that has been weighing it down. We encourage you to find more time for such beneficial activities! Now we suggest you take a look at our suggestions for Christmas coloring pages for adults that you can download, print, and then indulge in some relaxing coloring!

Cabin, trees, snowflakes and ornaments for coloring

christmas coloring page for adults cabin trees pine cones greenery ornaments flowers leaves snowflakes

Lovely snow globe


Cozy and cute coloring page of a girl drinking hot tea

cozy winter drawing girl snowflakes warm gloves jumper cup of tea winter hat with a pompom

Christmas fireplace 

fireplace christmas decorations kitties stockings candles warmth gifts

Winter scene from a village

winter coloring sheet adults snow trees gate home fairy lights bushes windows doors brickwall

Christmas tree ball ornaments for coloring

christmas tree ball ornaments for coloring tree branches

Church, lanterns, bells, trees and pine cones

christmas coloring page for adults large church lanterns candles lights jungle bells trees

Christmas village

Christmas coloring pages adults printable free Christmas village

Christmas bells and a big ribbon

coloring page for adults mandala like christmas bells large ribbon

Magic Christmas cup

magic cup garlands snowflakes fairy houses lollipop candy canes christmas candies

Christmas stocking, candy canes and presents

christmas stockings candy canes gifts stars pom poms warm cozy christmas coloring page

Christmas gifts for coloring

christmas gifts coloring for adults candy canes ball ornaments branches

“Merry Christmas” sign surrounded by Christmas decorations

christmas wreath of gifts presents merry christmas sign mistletoe

Fairy Christmas land

fairy land moon sleigh reindeer trees candles angels basket lanterns windows church kids kitty

Magical snow globe

fairy snow globe snow scene pine cones bells ribbons greenery

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