Christmas outdoor decoration: DIY Gnomes from fir branches ideas that will bring magic to your home

by Kremy

Christmas gnomes have become a very popular decoration in recent years. They are not only cute, but also make the atmosphere glow in a super cozy way. So we’re not surprised if you already have a few in stock or have tried various DIYs to create this mythological being. Either way, don’t miss today’s project that will show you step-by-step how to make a great Christmas outdoor decoration. We are talking about the funny DIY gnomes from fir branches ideas which you can use to decorate the outdoor area.

Why make gnomes from fir branches? The magical story of the dwarves.

Christmas outdoor decoration DIY Gnomes from fir branches ideas

We will start with a little story that will bring magic to your home. In Scandinavian countries, these small mythological creatures are known as “nisse”. People believed that gnomes are house dwarves who protect it from evil and dangers if you were kind to them. Since gnomes are shy, they hide under their hoods and thus become invisible. So, superstitious or not, Christmas gnomes have become an indispensable element of festive decoration. That’s why, we shall give you two tutorials and simple tips for DIY gnomes from fir branches. They can be made in different sizes and look great, especially in groups. It’s much easier than you would have thought.

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Christmas outdoor decoration: DIY Gnomes from fir branches

Christmas gnome tutorial how to make the gnome body


So, before you start, get the following materials:

  • Fir twigs
  • florist wire
  • Moss
  • Red Christmas bauble
  • Sheep wool, faux fur, cotton or silver fir for the beard
  • Plastic flower pot
  • Wooden stick
  • Piece of wood with a hole in the middle (big enough for the stick)

DIY Christmas gnome from fir branches materials

Instructions :

  • To create a guardian of your house, start by pushing the stick through the pot as shown in the photo above. To do this, you need to cut or drill a hole in the middle of the bottom. Push the stick through the hole and insert it into the pre-drilled piece of wood.

Christmas gnome outdoor Christmas decoration ideas

  • Lay the fir branches upside down around the wooden stick and tie them with the florist’s wire. Leave about a third of the wooden stick free.
  • Next, attach the moss in the same way. Cover about a third of the pine greenery by spiraling upwards.

Gnomes from fir tree branches as Christmas outdoor decoration craft ideas

  • Just below the moss, attach the Christmas bauble with the wire to create a nose.
  • Then take the wool, thread it onto the wire (just pierce the wire through the wool pieces) and tie the beard under the nose. That’s it! Your little gnome is ready to decorate and protect your home.

Tips for an ideal pointy hat

Tips for the perfect gnome pointy hat

The pointed cap hat be made of different materials. For example, you can use moss for a natural look or a Christmas hat to add a pop of color. Another alternative is to take the sleeve or the leg of an old garment. To secure the hat of the gnome well and to create its specific shape, put a metal wire or a mesh on it.

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Alternatives for making pretty gnomes from fir branches

DIY Christmas gnome from green branches

  • If you’d rather use fabric instead of foam to make your gnome’s hat, simply shape a cone from a piece of any size. Then you need to glue the ends together. Place the cone on the stick and your hat is ready.
  • Instead of a wooden stick and a flower pot, you can also use a tomato climbing stand, which you can buy ready-made in the form of a cone. You can also do it yourself by tying three sticks together so that they form a cone. Then, “dress” it in the same way as in the tutorial above.

DIY Christmas Gnome fun craft ideas

  • A red nose is particularly attractive, but a potato, pom pom or pine cone can also be used for crafting. Do not hesitate to add various accessories such as gloves, lights, decorative painted rocks or fake snow.
  • Use branches from pine, juniper, thuja or another evergreen plant.

Mini fir branch gnome – instructions

mini scandinavian gnomes to decorate the house in winter

  • Artificial or fresh fir branches
  • White pompom for the nose
  • hot glue
  • Bell
  • Yarn and small pompoms to decorate the hat (optional)

Mini gnome made of fir branches Instructions

These miniature gnomes made from fir branches are very cute and easy to make. They are a great alternative to the classic Christmas tree. In the example four small branches of artificial fir are used, but you can take more if you wish. Cut a square from the fabric and place the branches on top. Fold one of the two side corners over the branches and glue them in place. Repeat with the opposite corner and secure it with the hot glue as well. Now glue the white pompom where the nose should be and then the small bell on the tip of the hat. Now, if you want, you can decorate the brim of the hat with smaller pom poms. This mini gnome is ideal for decorating the Christmas table or as outdoor Christmas decorations.

Christmas outdoor decoration DIY funny gnomes

Do you already have a DIY Christmas village? Your Scandinavian mini gnomes will feel perfectly among these pretty houses. You can also add them in a mini fairy garden that you can easily make. If you have enough free time, feel free to also make a decorative gnome door that will provoke the imagination of your children or neighbors.

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Inspiring ideas for DIY Christmas gnomes

Christmas gnomes with red hats and gloves

Christmas outdoor decoration – A family of gnomes who protect the house

diy scandinavian gnomes for Christmas garden

An abstract decoration for the stairs

Christmas outdoor decoration

A little gnome who will welcome your guests with pleasure

Christmas outdoor decoration front porch ideas

You can also use cotton to make the beard of the gnomes

decorate the door with nordic gnomes in pot

Playful gnomes outside the door of their magical house

fir trees dressed as little gnomes in front of their house

A unique beard made from moss

DIY Scandinavian gnomes with branches and moss

Wooden gloves and a balloon nose? Why not!

DIY pretty gnomes from fir tree branches

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