DIY Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments – Last Minute Decor Ideas

by Kremy

DIY Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornaments are not only very quick to make. They will save you time and you do not need to go to a craft store to buy materials for your handmade decorations. You can use all sorts of scrap ribbons that you have. In case you have no ribbons, any fabric will do, you can even use an old T-shirt.

DIY Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments – 5 minute craft ideas for kids

Last Minute Festive decor ideas DIY Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments

It often happens that parents are busy with shopping, cooking, choosing gifts or cleaning the house before the long-awaited holiday. Decorating the home, planning the festive menu as well as all other holiday activities do require some time and thought.

last minute homemade Christmas ornaments old fabric tree


Many parents are looking for craft ideas that will allow them to engage the children in different projects instead of sitting in front of the computer all day long. We will show you some DIY scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornaments ideas which are suitable for small kids and of course, for the elder children in the family. Naturally, you will need to observe the craft process, as there is hot glue involved, as well as a needle (in the second tutorial).

5 -minute craft ideas for kids

DIY Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments 5 minute craft ideas for kids


  • Straight sticks or cinnamon sticks, 6-inch
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine
  • Scissors


Tie the scraps of ribbon down the twig or cinnamon stick. This can be done by the children

For best results, bunch the ribbons close together. Gently tug them into place until you are satisfied with their placement.

Use sharp scissors to trim the ribbon scraps into the shape of a Christmas tree.

Hot glue or tie a loop of twine to the top of the tree.

If desired, top the tree with a wooden star, yellow button, or primitive metal star.

DIY Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree Ornaments last minute decor ideas


  • Ribbon
  • Beads and seed beads
  • Ruler
  • thin point marker or pen
  • scissors, thread and a needle

DIY Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree Ornaments tutorial


Cut the ribbon into a 19″ (48cm) strip. With a thin point marker, mark a dot 2″ (5cm) from the end.

From that dot, mark dots along the ribbon spacing them apart.

Double thread your needle and insert it into the first dot that was marked at 2″(5 cm), then add a bead and a seed bead.

Come back through the bead and the ribbon to secure the bottom of the tree. Add another bead and go through the next dot.

Continue adding beads and going through your dots until you have 4 loops on each side. Once you are through your last dot, you are ready to add the bead (and a seed bead to secure it) that will represent the star. Go through the “star” bead and seed bead, then come back through just your big bead (not the seed bead).

Then go back through both beads. Cut the needle off and tie the ends together to form a loop.

Trim back the tips of the ribbon. You are done!

handmade Christmas decorations ribbon and beads tree


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