Bay window seat ideas – how to create a cozy space in any room

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Bay window seat ideas are fascinating, appealing, inviting and if you are lucky to have such architectural feature, we shall give you some great tips how to arrange the space in the most comfortable way. A characteristic of bay windows is their protrusion beyond the exterior walls of the home. On the outside it looks like an additional architectural object on the wall, but on the inside it is an extension which changes the boundaries of the room, creating an effect of spaciousness and comfort. These bows are seen in almost any room of the home – bedroom, living room, kitchen, even bathroom.They give the interior tons of natural light; fresh air and sunshine can  also get easily inside the home. Many people accept bay windows as a room in the room and they are right. It is an additional space and can be used in many creative ways – you can use the space as a home office, as a bar area, as a daybed or as an additional seating in the room. It is an attractive architectural element which creates a special impression and adds to the atmosphere of the room, especially with its well-chosen furnishings and decor.

Bay window seat– take advantage of the additional space in the room

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A bay window is not only additional square meters, but also an aesthetic accent with a special elegance. There are numerous bay window seat ideas and one of the most popular ways of using the extra space is to create a comfortable sitting space. Bows come in a variety of shapes and sizes which means that the design opportunities are limitless. Many people prefer a more traditional bay window treatment and decorate with curtains, blinds or shutters. However many designers and decorators offer creative bay window seat solutions and transform the space into adorable reading nooks, elegant living room seating, practical seating with storage area, etc. It is true, many homeowners are feeling a bit intimidated when it comes to arranging a bay window seat, as it is a challenge, but the fantastic solutions that you can select are so inspiring that everyone who has neglected such space will find out how to transform it into a beautiful area.

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When planning a bay window seat, one of the main tasks is finding a balance between maintaining the functionality of the space and its integration with the rest of the room. Most openings of the kind have simple geometric shapes: round, rectangular, triangular or trapezoidal. Sometimes, bow openings are custom made with unusual shape, and in general, are designed to optimize the flow of natural light in the room, to improve the illumination and increase the living space. A bay window seat gives the room a feeling of comfort and warm charm, and is a place that often becomes the focal point of the interior. We shall look at some of the options in different rooms and how window seats work with a variety of decor styles.

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If you want to have a bay window seat you can arrange a comfortable space by using furniture pieces, some skills, creativity and design techniques. Measure the space where you will arrange the seat. You can make a bench as a DIY project, use furniture pieces like a loveseat or armchairs which have a suitable size to fit into the available space. The shape and size of seats will depend on the architecture and shape of the casement. Bow windows will require seating with a slightly different form than conventional seats. You can also add some storage space under the seat. As a rule the design of the bay window seat have to work with the design concept of the room and emphasize the individuality and taste preferences of the owner. All the details of the interior should blend into the selected design style – cushions, curtains, blinds, fabrics, style of furniture, materials, etc.

Bay window seat for living rooms – elegant seating area

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When you look at the bay window seat ideas for living rooms you will notice that the accent is on the sofa or the way seating area is arranged. The living room should be cozy, comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, a bay window seat will be a highlight. Try to create a space that will be useful and functional. Some of the options to use the bow area in the living room is to place a large sofa and in this way you will have more free space in the room and it will look more spacious and airy. You can organize this part of  the living room as a dining area which is a great solution for open plan spaces. A comfortable bench with pillows will accommodate visitors and family members and you will not have to wonder how to sit a large number of people around the table. Another option is to arrange a bay window seat as a lounge area or a relaxation area with a coffee table and chairs, turned towards the glasses and you can enjoy the surrounding view with a cup of coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening. These solutions require a minimum of effort and are easily organized.

Bay window seat ideas for bedrooms – create a cozy nook to relax

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Bedrooms tend to be used exclusively for sleeping, so a couch, armchairs or sofas are not exactly the traditional furniture pieces. It often happens that the size of the bedroom is on the small side to arrange a seating and those who have a bow casement can create the most comfortable and romantic place for a secluded relaxation.

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Bay casement allows you to design not only a fabulous bedroom, but also add a unique mood in the room. It is important that the design of the bay window seat works harmoniously with the furniture style and the decor of the bedroom so that you can achieve the best effect. A useful tip is to opt for bright, pastel colors in the design of a bedroom with an arched window, because this creates a smooth, harmonious combination of natural light and interior colors. A bay window seat in the bedroom is a cozy corner, very convenient for listening to music, reading books, and even work with a laptop. If you opt for a built in bench it will be a wise idea to add storage drawers where you can keep it personal belongings, cushions or bedding.

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Children especially love to sit on the windowsill, looking for something on the street. It is an excellent opportunity to store toys, books, clothing or any other belongings and the child will have an easy access. A bay window seat can be a magical, fairy place in girls’ bedrooms. With the right decor, fabrics, curtains and cushions, you can transform the space into a fairy tale.

Bay window seat for the kitchen – beautiful breakfast nooks to gather the family

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Bay window seat ideas for kitchens offer many solutions to use the space. Bow windows in the kitchen may have a variety of shapes and sizes. In apartment buildings they can be small, most often with a triangular or square shape, while in private homes these windows may have a large size and polygonal design. Considering the designs for bay window seat in the kitchen, first of all, you need to determine the main function of the bow area – is it a transitional space, a breakfast area or a main dining area, etc. Most often in kitchens bay window seat is a part of the breakfast nook and this idea is justified from a functional, decorative and financial point of view. You can place a small sofa along the window repeating the shape or the curve and some additional chairs. Round or oval tables have proved to be most convenient and practical solution.

Bay window seat ideas – design techniques and decoration tips

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Textiles and fabrics are an essential element of a bay window seat design in any room. Windows should be a part of the overall design and when choosing a color scheme for the bay window seat you need to keep in mind the color concept of the room. Most designers will advise you to avoid saturated and dark colors and keep to lighter shades.

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Curtains, blinds and other window treatment should provide enough light and allow you to control the privacy. For example Roman blinds are an excellent choice as they allow you an effective control of the natural light flow.

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Think of suitable light fixtures – ceiling chandeliers, pendant lamps or floor lamps which will provide illumination at night and add to the style of the bay window seat and the whole room.

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