Bow window treatment – an elegant and graceful feature of the home

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A bow window is a beautiful architectural element and those who have one in their home know that with the right decoration, it looks especially graceful and incredibly elegant. Bow windows, also called compass windows, are technically curved bay windows and often a bow window is referred to as a bay window. They are designed to add to the living space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building and in addition, to offer a better and wider view of the surroundings – whether a garden or a street. They usually have four or morepanes joined together forming an arch. There is no a set limit for the number of panes forming a bow window. The greater the number the more interesting the curved appearance and the more striking the look.

Bow window treatment – make your home brighter and lighter

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Bow window treatments can set the right atmosphere in any room. They work equally well with classic, Victorian, traditional, contemporary interiors and any style in between. One major feature of bow windows is that they do not have a fixed center, which is typical for bay windows, and the arch shape is an excellent way to break straight lines both inside and outside. Despite the fact that they appeared back in the eighteenth century in the United Kingdom, they do not look dated at all. On the contrary, a bow window adds a classic elegance and sophistication to the home.

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When you want to maximize the effect of a bow window you have many different options. However, some simple design techniques will help you plan in advance and have the best final result. On the first place you need to consider the decor style of your home – is it traditional, modern, Victorian, rustic, eclectic, Mediterranean – and think of suitable colors and textures for your bow window treatment. The goal is to match it with the overall interior design theme. It is important to remember that your bow window treatment is visible not only from the inside but from the outside as well and is, more or less, a part of the exterior design. Think of the main function of the planned treatment – do you need more privacy, more light or more style? In case you need more privacy you can install an individual window blinds or shutters on every pane while if you want more style, café curtains or Roman shades will be a good choice. You can make combinations between different treatments – shutters and curtains or draperies which will add more style and will allow you a better control over light flow and your family’s privacy.


Bow window treatment ideas – choosing the material

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When you design a new home or want to replace an existing bow window you need to choose the right material which is suitable for both interior and exterior decor style of your house. Of course, in case when you replace an existing one, you need to choose a material that will match the material of the other windows in your home.

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Wood is an all-time classic material and adds a unique look, warmth and charm to the home. Wood does require regular maintenance and is susceptible to elements, pests attacks, water damage, cracking, splintering, etc. In addition, high quality wood comes with a significant price so it is up to the taste and budget of every homeowner to decide whether he is willing to make the investment.

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Aluminum casements are lightweight which is a great advantage compared to wood, they are very easy to maintain and are resistant to elements, temperature changes and high humidity levels. They are strong, durable and with excellent energy efficiency.

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Vinyl frames are the most affordable option, they are easily installed, easily maintained and do not require painting or staining.

Bow window treatment ideas – how to dress it up in the right way?

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Bow window treatment ideas can be divided in two main groups – the first one is to dress each pane separately and the other option is to opt for an overall treatment for the whole structure. With the right curtains, blinds or shutters, your bow window will be a focal point with a striking appearance. The particular architecture of the bow window is just as important as the color and texture of the fabrics and another important consideration is the exact location of the casement itself – whether it is looking at the backyard or at the street, whether it located on a ground floor and visible from the outside.

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Choosing an individual treatment for every pane is an easy technique and you can opt for blinds, café shutters, window shades or curtains which will complement your style and will give you the desired level of privacy. The second option is a bit more difficult as it requires a track which follows the exact curve of the bow window. You can even opt for a double track and combine fabrics in different colors and patterns.

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A valance is another option to add to the appearance of the bow window. It adds to its height and completes the look of the overall treatment. You can choose separate valances for every windowpane provided there is enough space for the hardware and the curtain rods.

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Window valances come in many styles and designs and there is a big choice to satisfy the particular needs of every homeowner. The main thing is that the valances have to reflect the style of the room and work with the overall color scheme.

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