Deck paint ideas – Options and useful tips for colourful decking

by Kremy

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Deck paint ideas can be a real inspiration for those who plan to renovate their own. It can change dramatically its appearance and add to the atmosphere of the outdoor area in a significant way. In addition, wood are exposed to the elements and are susceptible to water damage, fading, temperature changes, swelling and shrinking, so a coat of protective paint will extend the life of the decking and will make the maintenance much easier.

Deck paint ideas – spice up your outdoor area

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Most homeowners choose to stain their deckings but painting it and adding a vibrant color to your porch or patio area gives you the opportunity to be creative, to express your individuality and originality. The market offers many products which are labeled as deck paint. They are a good solution to minor problems like small cracks or stains or give an entirely new look to a worn out, even hide the grain pattern, fully or partially. You can choose from many interesting deck paint ideas and transform the patio or the porch, make it more interesting, inviting and welcoming. You can paint a faux rug by using painter’s tape to fix a rectangular and apply colors of your choice. You want to paint stripes? No problem at all! Choose a variety of colors which work with your exterior and paint each board or choose two colors and paint the board in turns. How simple is that! Those who want to be bold and original can opt for geometric patterns or abstract patterns – there is no limit for creativity!

Deck paint ideas and how to apply?

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When it comes to deck paint ideas you need to choose the type of it. They are either oil-based or acrylic. Oil-based deck paint is slower-drying while acrylic paints have less VOCs and clean up easier. A third option is to choose solid color stains but they are offered in a limited color choice. However solid color stains are a good choice for areas with high traffic. Once you have chosen your deck paint, you need to get organized for painting. Although it is not a difficult task, you need to follow some simple steps.

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Clean the floor boards thoroughly. If needed, use a pressure washer it or sand it. Cleaning is the first step and you should not neglect it or you may end up with a very unsatisfying look.

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Remove any loose nails and replace them with the next larger nail size. This is an important step to make sure the wood boards of the deck are held tightly in place.

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Use painters tape to tape off the pattern you chose, or glue the stencils on the surface. Apply the deck paint with a paint roller or a paint sprayer. Follow the wood grain as this allows the paint to penetrate into the wood. If needed apply a second coat of paint after the first one dries completely.

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Let the deck paint dry completely and apply a sealant. After the sealant is dry, you can enjoy your beautifully painted one!

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