Bay window curtain pole ideas – small details with great visual appeal

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Bay window curtain pole is the detail that may seem as something unimportant but has a great significance both as an aesthetic accent and as a functional element which provides the smooth movement of bay window draperies. How to choose a suitable curtain pole for bay windows? Due to the non-standard form of the windows it may be a challenge to find the best one. There are many different options – some people prefer separate segments while others are more attracted to other options. It is important to choose such a rail to freely move the fabric, closing the panels tightly.

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Bay windows can have different shapes – circular, rectangular – which means that the curtain poles will have to be chosen to echo the shape of the bay window. Many manufacturers offer certain structural elements which can be combined to meet the individual needs. Bay window curtain poles are divided in two main groups – ceiling mounted and wall-mounted.

How to choose bay window curtain pole – useful tips and ideas

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When choosing bay window curtain poles, they need to combine perfectly with the type of drapery so that you have a harmonious look. It is important to make correct measurements, identify the angles or the radius of fragments, as well as their length. This is essential for the draperies to move freely from one side to the other and give you the opportunity to regulate the level of light flow. Bay window curtain poles can be single or multi tracks and the choice will depend on the type of the fabric. Multi tracks are usually used when bay window curtains combine different fabrics, for example, a combination of classic, heavy drape fabric and lightweight fabric.

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The bay window shape, the presence of a heating system, air conditioning and ventilation system, the strength of the supporting walls and ceilings are also factors that affect the choice of a bay window curtain pole.

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Bay window curtain pole can be fixed directly on the ceiling. This is done with ceiling or top fixing brackets. Ceiling or top fix curtain poles for bay windows should be used when there is little or no space for face fixing the curtain pole to the wall or in cases when there is an obstruction – air vents or a large door opening. Ceiling mounted curtain poles for bay windows allow you to hang the fabric further away from the window which will keep it away from condensation.

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Wall mounted bay window curtain poles, as the name implies, are fixed to the walls. This type of fixing provides many opportunities, yet you need to make sure that the curtain rods will fit with the shape of the window.

Bay window curtain pole – choosing the material

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A well-chosen bay window curtain pole is an additional decoration. It come in numerous shapes and sizes, colors, diameters, as well as finials. It is just natural that peoples’ eyes are drawn at bay windows as they are a spectacular feature in any room. The right window treatment will make them a true star and a focal point of the room. We shall look at the most popular types of curtain poles for bay windows and see how they can add to your home decor.

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Wooden bay curtain poles create a very beautiful accent and allow the use not only as a functional element, but also as a room decoration. The most popular wood species for the manufacturing poles are Oak, Cherry, Pine, Larch, Maple, Birch as well as some exotic wood species as redwood or mahogany, for example. Curtain poles made of solid wood may have a significant price tag and due to that they are not sold in every store. Wood is a versatile material, and can easily be painted, stained or antiqued in order to blend in the stylistic concept of the room. Depending on the visual effect that you want to achieve, you can use a simple pine curtain pole to accent on the rustic atmosphere or match the flooring and furniture colors with it for a harmonious finish and a uniform look.

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Metal bay window curtain poles can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or other metal like copper, bronze, brass, etc. They can be a great finish in a variety of decor styles. For example, a brass one is a good choice for traditional or formal interiors while chrome and stainless steel will work perfectly with contemporary and minimalist designs. An advantage of metal curtain poles is their strength and durability. Metal poles can easily withstand heavy fabrics and drapes without losing their shape and deform with time.

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Plastic bay window curtain poles have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Plastic curtain poles are lightweight which makes installation very easy but they are not strong enough to withstand heavy drapes. These poles are very flexible and are a good solution for bay windows. However the appearance of plastic curtain poles and their visual appeal cannot be compared with the look of wood or metal. They have the lowest decorative value and if you prefer natural materials which will add texture and charm to the room, consider alternative options.

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Whichever type of bay windows curtain poles you choose, make sure that they will be a complement to the window, to the existing interior and will work harmoniously with the design concept of the home.Bay window curtain pole ideas stylish bedroom design

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