7 Easy Sitting Exercises for Flat Tummy That Actually Work!

by Radost P.

How to get fit without going to the gym every week? Which chair sitting exercises are effective in helping you get a flat tummy, according to experts?

Simple Chair Sitting Exercises for Flat Tummy That’ll Help You Get Into a Better Shape!

flat belly sitting exercises

If you are a busy woman who does not have enough time to go to the local fitness on a regular basis, you may want to find alternative ways that can help you lose weight. Of course, the right diet is also an important component of achieving this goal. According to experts, there are easy chair sitting exercises that actually work to help you get a flat stomach! 

Lean Forward

Place your hands behind the head. Lean forward in a slow manner and return back. When you tilt, you should not help yourself with the arms. Repeat this leaning forward exercise 15 times.

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‘’Scissors’’ Exercise

The scissors exercise also involves the muscles of the hip. Lean back carefully and hold both sides of the chair with your hands. Raise your legs straight and spread them out to the side. Cross one leg over the other. 

Warm Up

If you were looking for an exercise that will prepare you before your actual workout, this is the perfect one. Sit at the edge of a chair and put the hands onto your knees. Lean back, while contracting the abdominals. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Knee-to-Chest Lift

Sit down and keep your back straight. Ensure that you do not touch the chair for maximum effect. Lift your right knee up to your chest and stay in this position for about several seconds before putting your foot on the ground. Next, repeat the same steps with your left knee. Do this exercise 20 times on each side. It helps to strengthen your abs and improve digestion. 


Keep the feet on the ground and lift your arms to shoulder height. Turn the upper part of your body to the right and stretch out in order to touch your right foot with the left hand. Next, you should do the same with your left foot. Repeat this exercise 25 times. 

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What Is The Best Sitting Position for Belly Fat?

the best sitting position for belly fat


One of the best sitting positions for losing belly fat is the so-called ‘’active sitting position’’. Instead of sitting on a chair, use an exercise ball and try to maintain balance. This will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles. 

Additional Tips for a Flat Stomach

tips for a flat stomach

Along with implementing these simple sitting exercises, you should not forget about other important things. In order to have a flat stomach, dietitians recommend consuming more fiber on a daily basis, which is found in foods like fruits and particular vegetables (carrots and broccoli). Besides, while probiotic food (yogurt and pickles, for example) does not lead to a direct weight loss, it is a key factor is weight management. 


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