Small Bathroom Organization Ideas: 7 Budget-Friendly Storage Hacks for a Clutter-Free Space!

by Stephanie Yankova

Utilizing and organizing a small space is a difficult and often overwhelming task. When it comes to the bathroom, everything is calculated down to the last centimeter, and there’s rarely any room for storage. The battle with this small space ends here! With our easy, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing small bathroom organization ideas you will erase the word “clutter” from your vocabulary! 

Clever Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

small bathroom organization ideas ladder shelf under sink storage easy tricks tips

Credits: IKEA

Our bathroom is usually one of the smallest spaces in our home and the most frequently used one. However, because we don’t spend a lot of time there it takes a while for us to notice the piling clutter. If only there was a way to keep everything neat and tidy… Ask and you shall receive, my dears! Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work with these super easy bathroom organization ideas!

Over the Door Shelf

over the door storage shelf small bathroom organization ideas tips tricks


The area over the door is oftentimes neglected. However, it makes for perfect shelf storage! Depending on how tall your ceilings are you can have as many shelves as you wish. There you can easily store towels and toiletries that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Bathroom Organizer for Beauty Appliances

small bathroom organizer blow dryer hair straightener curling iron storage hacks

Beauty appliances such as hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers take up a lot of space. I must admit, this hanging organizer was a life changer for me! It keeps your appliances orderly and prevents the cords from detangling. The organizer is made from metal, so you can put the tools back immediately after use without waiting for them to cool down. The best part – it’s compact and super affordable!

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Rattan Basket Shelves

basket shelves small bathroom storage ideas diy organization hacks

Get creative and make the most of your empty wall space with basket shelves! Using rattan baskets instead of wooden or PVC is a fun way to spruce up your bathroom’s appearance. Not only that, but it’s also a much more aesthetically pleasing way to store your items. Just make sure that you pick baskets that have a solid structure and allow for wall mounting. If rattan isn’t your jam, you can achieve the same effect with metal mesh baskets for a more industrial and minimalist look!

How Do You Organize a Small Bathroom With No Storage?

When there is no appointed storage space in your bathroom, you must get creative and maximize your free surface area. Utilizing your wall space is the easiest way to create more room for organizing your items. Don’t overlook your door! Hanging shelves and baskets can easily find a place there for storing makeup and toiletries. Let’s take a look at some clever ideas that will help you organize your bathroom in no time!

Over the Toilet Storage

over the toilet storage cabinet small bathroom organization ideas on a budget

Over the toilet shelves or cupboards are a great storage solution for small bathrooms with little floor area. They fit seamlessly right above the toilet tank and give you enough space to store towels and essential toiletry items. These types of shelves come in many different designs and price points, which makes them an affordable and versatile organizing option. This is also a great way to spruce up your old bathroom by turning your over-the-toilet shelf into a focal point.

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Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf small bathroom storage ideas on a budget easy simple organization hacks

If you have a good amount of floor space in your bathroom, installing a ladder shelf is a great way to make use of it. Because of their slightly sloped and minimalist design, they add dimension to your space without enclosing it. Place baskets and organizers on the shelves to for a more neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Corner Shower Caddy

in shower corner caddy storage small bathroom organization ideas simple hacks

 The shower caddy is an excellent storage solution for rentals. They’re affordable, easy to install and uninstall and come in various designs. I’ve found that the best shower caddies are those with a floor to ceiling fixing. They’re more sturdy and offer way more storage space!

Storage Trolley Cart

storage trolley cart bathroom organization ideas on a budget small space hacks

Credits: urbanoutfitters

If there is one essential item I would encourage everyone who lives in a small apartment to buy – it’s a trolley cart! Its functionality spreads far beyond the bathroom! I have two in my kitchen – one for cutlery and cookware and one that I use as a bar! It’s super lightweight, and it has wheels which makes it easy to move it around even when it’s stocked. You can store your towels and organize your toiletries and makeup in plastic containers. Why not add a personal touch and decorate with a flower arrangement, aroma candle and some incense? After all, that’s our sanctuary!


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