Home Organization Hacks: Clever Toy Storage Ideas That Will Save You Space and Time!

by Stephanie Yankova

Do you find it more difficult to keep the house in order after having kids? And more specifically finding a way to store and organize all the toys! After a long day of playing with plushies, Barbies, doll houses and toy kitchen supplies, tidying up should be a quick and straightforward process! Here’s how you can ease some of the housekeeping stress with these clever toy storage ideas!

Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

large rattan baskets living room too storage ideas easy solutions

The living room is usually the space that your kids occupy the most. It’s where the adults get to have some downtime while keeping an eye on the children while they’re playing. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason why the living room is oftentimes a complete mess! So how do you keep the toys under control while still keeping the adult interior atmosphere of the space? If your home has a rustic design, I’ve found that rattan baskets are a great interior decision when it comes to storing toys! It would be ideal if you can find tall and narrow baskets that can easily fit behind your sofa! This will save a lot of space and also keep them out of your sight for the majority of the time!

Hidden Compartments and Coffee Table Drawers

functional furniture modular chairs hidden compartments lift top drawers coffee table toy storage ideas


If you’re in the process of renovating your space and you’re shopping for new furniture, multipurpose functional design is the way to go! Take for example these chairs with hidden compartments. They’re perfect for storing cushions, blankets, toys and other items you don’t need or want to see on a daily. Another great choice is a coffee table with drawers. It’s the perfect spot for storing puzzles, art supplies, smaller toys or books.

Under TV Toy Storage Cabinets

under tv toy storage cabinets small baskets living room organization ideas

Another great spot you can utilize for toy storage is the area underneath your TV. Instead of putting a small unit, get a shelf storage rack and fill it with baskets. This is an easy way to compartmentalize different types of toys and even teach your kids how to tidy up and organize them on their own!

Built-In Toy Storage Bench

built in toy storage benches modern living room interior design ideas

Another clever multipurpose interior design solution is to install a storage bench. It fits perfectly in corner areas, doesn’t take up much space, and blends seamlessly with the modern interior of your home!

Bedroom Toy Storage Ideas

under bed toy storage compartment clever space organization ideas

If you have children, you’re probably learned the hard way that toys don’t live in just one room. That’s why storage solutions are at the top of the agenda! Whether it’s your bedroom, or that of your kid, having under-bed storage is a life-changer! Make sure that it’s designed with a slide mechanism so it’s easy for the child to open and close it on their own!

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Wooden Cage Basket for Plushies

wooden corner cage basket toy storage solutions bedroom

Plushies usually take up a lot of space which makes them rather difficult to store. This double-purpose cage also functions as a climbing arch and is the perfect way to store all of your kid’s stuffed toys in one place!

Wall Hanging Bags for Storing Small Toys

hanging bags wall toy storage solution bedroom organization ideas

If you are looking for a storage solution that will open up more floor space, these hanging bags are the hack for you! Storing toys in a small space can be a real hassle! These hanging bags make it super easy to put all of their items away. The best part is that they are easily detachable, so you can simply take the bag with you, put all the toys in it, and place it right back on the hook!

Under Desk Toy Storage Idea

under desk area toy storage ideas bedroom organization solutions

The area under the desk oftentimes remains unused. This DIY long desk made of two IKEA Trofast units is a genius space-utilizing hack! It’s budget-friendly, efficient and multi-functional! You can add shelves and store books, as well as mini trays and baskets for small and big toys.

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