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Flat stones are a popular, durable and sustainable flooring. If you want to create a garden path and save time and money, you’d better opt for classic stone slabs. They are absolutely easy to arrange inexpensive and  have a sexy retro charm.

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Some owners want the garden path to consist of a few small ways between the flower beds. Smaller stone slabs are ideal for this. In every outdoor space there are features that are to be observed during installation. Due to their size, stone slabs can be laid quickly. A natural stone path has one big advantage – after the rain it is not muddy, compared for example to the gravel road. Self winding ways are easy and smoothly created with stone slabs.

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In the market, different shapes and sizes of stone tiles are available – for instance – stones with a rustic look or classic straight plates. Curbs are also included. The smaller stone slabs are laid easier, but the greater their number, the more work at the joints. When you create a garden path from natural stones this requires a lot of good planning work.

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So how do you lay stone slabs? First, it is important to adapt the stones before the installation. It is also important that no cavity is formed under them. They must be placed to create a way when the base layer, which consists mostly gravel-sand mixture, is laid. You need to be careful on the joint width. People who do not like growing moss, short grass and weeds, could either move the plates very close together or after the installation is complete, fill the joints with grout or sand and solidify. The joints should, however, guarantee the flow of water.

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