Cat Face Makeup for Kids: Halloween Ideas That Take 10 Minutes

by Kristiyana

Making a cat’s face for Halloween is very popular with kids. However, the wide variety of design options can seem intimidating at first, especially if you don’t have much experience with face painting. But don’t worry – here’s how easy it is to create an excellent cat face, using makeup you probably already have on hand!

How to Do Cat Face Makeup by Using Only a Brown Eye Pencil…?

how to do cat face makeup only with brown eyeliner

How to create easy cat face makeup for kids? All you need is a brown eye pencil! Start by darkening the tip of the nose and connecting it to the tip of the upper lip. Then of course there are the cat whiskers. They are really simple to create because all you have to do is draw random strokes with the pencil. Cat whiskers don’t have to be perfectly straight or be at the same length (you can’t picture a cat with a perfectly shaped mustache, can you?).

To complete the cat face makeup, contour the eyebrows with a raised arch upwards, befitting a curious, small, and clever cat! And you’re done, in no more than 10 minutes! Of course, if your child is willing, and you have some on hand, you can add cat ears to their look as well!

…or with Concealer, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Mascara

cat face makeup for kids halloween ideas that take only 10 minutes

For this cat face, you will need a light concealer, black eyeliner, pink lipstick, and black mascara. Also, a black eye pencil might come in handy if you don’t want to use eyeliner on your child’s eyes, as it is more difficult to remove than the pencil. It can also irritate the sensitive skin of the eyelids.

Start by applying concealer to your child’s upper lip. It should be at least two tones lighter than the skin of their face. Then you can apply a very light powder to set if necessary. It is important that you visually brighten the area so that the characteristic cat’s muzzle appears. Then draw black dots with the eyeliner/pencil and outline the whiskers. Apply the pink lipstick by drawing two thin pink lines at the end of the lips with the tip of the lipstick.

makeup ideas for kids for halloween 2023

Next come the eyes. Take the eyeliner or black eye pencil and gently apply it to your child’s eyelids, naturally extending the lines at the end to create a cat eye. Finally, apply a thin layer of mascara to their eyelashes, and you’re done!

Create a Cute Cartoon Cat Face in Pink

cat face makeup for halloween is very popular with children

To create this adorable pink cat face by just using simple makeup without face paint, you will need a pink and purple lipstick, a black eye pencil and concealer.

  1. Start by applying the black eye pencil on the nose and then move on to the lips. Create a small anchor on the upper lip and fill it with three black dots on each side.
  2. Next, apply the black pencil to the cheeks and draw three connected lines at the base on each side. Then lightly smudge them with your finger to make them look like the ones in the picture.
  3. Now it’s the chin’s turn. Trace the dark lines with the black pencil, smudge them lightly with your fingers, and then add outlines with the pink lipstick. Do the same between both eyebrows.
  4. Apply a little concealer under the eyes and also on their inner rim.
  5. Finally, take the purple lipstick and draw outlines around the jawline and on the eyebrows. Combine the purple outlines on the eyebrows with the light pink outlines.

Video Instructions on How To do Cat Face Makeup for Kids

  1. Apply pink blush above the lips and on both sides of the nose.
  2. Draw a heart on the nose and trace it to the lips with black eyeliner. Then fill in the lips.
  3. Using black and white eyeliner, add a few dots on each side of the nose.
  4. Using black eyeliner again, draw 3 whiskers on each cheek.
  5. Apply makeup to the eyes upwards and outwards.

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from which brands can you buy pure makeup without toxic ingredients safe for children

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