Halloween Cake Decoration: Surprise the Whole Family and Friends with These Spooky Ideas!

by Kremy

We think Halloween is about more than just candy this year. What do you think? The moment has come to decorate the cake beautifully and enjoy it! Halloween cake decoration is a must this year so you can really surprise your whole family and friends. These creative decoration ideas range from charming to spooky and are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party.

Here come these spooky and entertaining Halloween desserts! This selection of Halloween cake decorations has something for everyone, whether you want a dessert reminiscent of fall or a spooky treat decorated in honor of the holiday. Despite their spooky patterns, these cakes are surprisingly easy to make and a lot of fun to decorate.

Halloween Cake Decoration – Cool Ideas

halloween cake decoration cool ideas

You can even make decorating the cake with Halloween sprinkles a fun activity for your kids. These Halloween cake decorating ideas are wonderful ways for a sweet ending to the meal, no matter which option you choose.

“Help Me!” Cake Decoration for Halloween

help me cake decoration for halloween

The eye-catching Help Me Cake is nothing more than a plain white cake from the supermarket that has been given a few spooky effects. Start with a store-bought glazed cake. Make a pair of arms and hands from construction paper, attach them to skewers with tape so they can stand up straight. To complete the “buried alive” effect, the cake is covered with a mountain of “soil” made from crushed chocolate chip cookies. Edible fondant raven feathers should be placed on vanilla sugar cupcakes. Scatter plastic animals all over the cake to enhance the spooky factor.

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Black Cat Cake

cake with a black cat

This glittery black sugar cat will bring a smile to the face of even the most superstitious of your guests, so don’t be afraid to let her cross your path.

stencil for halloween cake black cat

Download the incredibly easy stencil to recreate this black cat silhouette. Place the cake in the refrigerator and place the stencil in the center of the cake just before serving. To create a fearsome look, fill the stencil with black powdered sugar, making sure to leave a small mess around the edges. For the cat’s eye, you can use either a sunflower seed or half of a yellow candy.

Halloween Cake Decoration: Decorate Vampire Bat Cake

halloween cake decoration vampire bat

This dessert will delight and frighten your Halloween party guests in equal measure! The chocolate bats and bloody ganache will please everyone in the household.

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Idea for Edible Halloween Decorations – Ghost Cake

idea for edible halloween decoration ghost cake

This quick and easy ghost cake is the sweetest ever and the ghost meringues make the most delicious topping. You can opt for a chocolate cake, but a red velvet cake would add much more to the spooky atmosphere of the occasion. It’s perfectly fine to offer some ghost cookies alongside the cake.

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Cute Halloween Cake Decorations

scary halloween cake decoration

This enchanting yet terrifying ghost cake is sure to be the hit of your Halloween celebration and will have you screaming with excitement when you see it. The ingredients can simply be stacked on top of each other, placed in the freezer and made into a delicious haunted dessert in just a few steps.

Halloween Cemetery Cake – Decoration Ideas for Cakes

halloween cemetery cake decoration idea

Making this quick Halloween cemetery cake is so easy, you don’t even need a recipe!

Cupcake Decoration Ideas for Halloween

cupcakes decorating ideas for halloween

Cupcakes in the shape of demons, ghosts, pumpkins, Frankenstein monsters, Dracula and zombies are a fun way to decorate the table on which you will serve Halloween desserts. These spooky cupcakes will steal the show at any Halloween celebration.

Cake with Cobwebs

cake with cobwebs

A spectacular Halloween cake may consist of an orange-flavored buttercream, but that’s not all it has to offer! The spider web decoration makes it even scarier than it already was. Scare your guests with this special dessert!

Coffin Shaped Mummy Cakes for Halloween

coffin shaped mummy cake for halloween

Don’t be fooled by the eerie coffin design on the outside of this cake – the taste will awaken all your taste buds. You can quickly and easily decorate the cake with a black cardboard coffin.

Spooky Chocolate Bone Cupcakes

scary cupcakes with chocolate bones

These chocolatey and delicious cupcakes look out of this world thanks to the topping decorated with chocolate bones and edible glitter. Anyone brave enough to take a bite will be rewarded with a delicious treat.

Cake with Pumpkin and Chocolate Sprinkles

cake with pumpkin and chocolate sprinkles

This dessert has a hidden surprise: If you cut a piece, you will discover that the pumpkin cake is decorated all over with chocolate shavings and sprinkles.

Decoration with Pumpkin for Halloween Cake

decoration with pumpkin for halloween cake

Forget the icing – all you need to decorate this extremely delicious cake is a clever stencil and some powdered sugar.

decoration for halloween cake template

Decoration for 3 Tier Cake

decoration for 3 tier cake

This giant pumpkin patch is made up of three cakes that gradually grow in size, each covered in three generous layers of buttercream that run seductively down the sides of the cakes. Small pumpkins and leaves complete the Halloween decoration.

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