How to Wear UGGs to Work? – 15 Cozy “Boss Lady” Outfits to Copy for Fall 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

Do you want to bring the cozy atmosphere with you to the office this fall? Ditch the loafers and stilettos because this season we’re embracing casual business-core, and there is one shoe to rule them all! Here’s our expert guide on how to wear UGGs to work like a boss lady! 

office outfit idea mini classic sheepskin ugg boots baggy blue jeans oversized grey blazer white tee sunglasses slicked back braided ponytail

Can UGGs be Worn to Work?

Gen Z has become incredibly skilled at mixing business-core with casual elements to create outfits that can take you from the office straight to a cozy dinner with your girlfriends with ease. Unless you’re working a corporate job with a really strict dress code, you can easily afford to blur the lines of the office attire. Pairing a suit with sneakers has become the new normal, however, when it comes to styling a pair of UGGs people start to feel puzzled. Are they appropriate shoes to wear to work? Contrary to what most people may think, UGG boots can be effortlessly dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Their wide variety of designs, colors, and textures can add a unique character to an overall simple outfit.

Which UGGs are Most in Style?

ugg trends 2023 classic ultra mini tazz suede slippers classic mini sheepskin boots funkette


We may have not been able to predict the comeback of this ’90s relic, but Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Adam Sandler (yes, you read that right) were! UGGs quickly became one of the most talked-about shoes of 2023 and now that fall is finally here, and I have fully immersed myself in the cozy girl aesthetic of the season, I can no longer fight the urge! After thorough research of what the celebrities are wearing on their feet, I’ve picked out the 4 trendiest UGG designs that I am instantaneously adding to my cart (and you should consider doing so, as well):

  • Classic Ultra Mini Platform ($150)
  • Tazz Suede Platform Slippers ($130)
  • Classic Mini Sheepskin Boots ($160)
  • Funkette Platform Slippers ($130)

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Are You Supposed to Wear Socks in UGGs?

Apart from being a fashion statement, UGG boots are designed function-forward, meaning their main goal is to fulfill their purpose. The original boots and slippers are made of thermostatic sheepskin. It’s a natural insulator that helps regulate your body’s temperature and keep you warm during the cold months. The high-grade wool cushions are designed in a way that perfectly molds to your feet for ultimate comfort. Because of their thorough and thoughtful design, experts say that the best way to experience the full potential of UGG shoes is to wear them without socks. That way you are allowing your skin to breathe and make the most of the arch support the wool cushions can offer by molding to your unique footprint.

What Happens If You Wear UGGs With Socks?

When you wear your UGGs with socks you prevent the air from circulating and your feet will begin to sweat. If you wear the shoes regularly and for long periods of time, the sweat will create perfect conditions for bacteria to grow inside the shoes, with a following unpleasant odor. It also hinders the wool sole from molding accurately to your foot’s contour, which will take away from their effectiveness and durability.

If you still choose to wear your UGG boots or slippers with socks, make sure that they are made from organic materials, such as 100% cotton, cotton and wool blends, or bamboo.

What is the Best Way to Waterproof UGG Boots?

If you’ve ever owned a pair of UGGs you’re aware of their biggest enemy – water! The good news is that there are quite a few ways to make your favorite boots waterproof. Here’s what they are:

  • UGG Boot Guard – Although the guard isn’t designed specifically for rain, it is a great way to add a layer of protection to the gentle surface of the sheepskin boots. What’s really cool about them is that they come in various colors that can help spruce your outfit up!
  • Water and Oil Repellent – UGG offer their own repellent against water and oil stains, however, there are also many other companies on the market that produce similar products. It’s best to do some research and find the one that will suit your needs and pocket the most!flu

How to Wear UGGs to Work?

fall office outfit idea styling classic sheepskin ugg boots grey pants zip up sweater long camel coat mini beige handbah grey beanie sunglasses

Credits: pavli_ostrolucka

Wearing UGGs to the office may sound like a controversial idea, however, their minimalist silhouette and neutral colors make them an unexpectedly good accessory to *almost* any outfit. Our selection of fall outfits is the perfect combination of classy and comfortable that will inspire you to ditch your beloved loafers, sneakers, and stilettos and slide into a pair of cozy fluffy boots!

Business Casual Oversized Two-Piece Suit

styling mini classic sheepskin ugg boots fall office outfit idea oversized grey suit cropped white tee

Credits: amyfuchsia

Oversized suits are the little black dress of 2023! I’ve personally worn mine everywhere from the airport to the office, even the club. Contrary to what the pictures show, if you own one you know how incredibly comfortable they are! And what better way to step up the levels of comfort than with a pair of classic mini sheepskin UGG boots?

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Vintage Leather Jacket and Mom Jeans

how to style strap slingback ugg slippers muffin platform for work mom jeans oversized brown leather jacket mini handbag sunglasses

If you have one of those cool hipster casual offices where you can wear pretty much anything you want, then you should definitely add this outfit to your lookbook! Pair slingback platform UGGs with a pair of classic blue mom jeans, an oversized vintage brown leather jacket to match the shoes, and your favorite dark sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

Leather Pants and a Patterned Coat

classic sheepskin ugg boots office outfit black leather pants long pattern coat mini cross body bag

Credits: teixeira_dalva

The leather pants season is finally here! As much as I love channeling my inner Catwoman every once in a while, I always try to look for ways to dress these pants down because I love them so much! This casual look pairs them with classic mini UGG boots and a matching patterned long coat, and dare I say, I am obsessed!

Cozy Everyday Outfit with a Subtle Pop of Color

styling short classic sheepskin ugg boots for work straight blue jeans fuzzy vest colorful scarf wide brim hat

If I had to name one person who always inspires me to step out of my fashion comfort zone, it would be Tasya van Ree. High-quality minimalist outfits, staple basics, and statement wide-brim hats – it’s what I live for! Even though she would probably pair this outfit with well-polished cowboy boots, these camel UGG boots are not a bad fit, either!

More Stylish Ways to Wear UGGs in the Office

styling ugg tazz suede platform slippers to work straight white jeans oversized long taupe coat old money striped sweater big leather handbag

Casual “Old Money” Look Paired with Strap Slingback UGG Slippers

styling strap slingback ugg slippers fall office outfit idea high waisted brown wide leg pants blue striped shirt old money sweater messy low bun hairstyle

Credits: isabellapmayer

Monochromatic Fall Outfit 

styling ugg tazz suede platform slippers for the office mini skirt zip up sweater trench coat

Credits: irina_kala

Two-Piece Black Suit Paired with a Mini Clutch and 90s Sunglasses

fall office outfit ugg tazz suede platform slippers two piece black suit clutch bag slicked back bun hairstyle

Cozy Oversized Coat Paired with a Long Taupe Scarf, and a Baseball Cap

how to style short classic sheepskin ugg boots for work wide leg white jeans oversized long beige coat long taupe scarf baseball hat

Minimalist Office Outfit 

how to style ugg tazz suede platform slippers baggy white jeans oversized gray blazer white tee sunglasses mini bag

All-Black Baggy Pants, Leather Blazer and Over the Shoulders Sweater

how to wear ugg disquette suede platform slippers to work all black baggy outfit slicked back bun hairstyle

A Simple Baggy Striped Shirt and Straight Grey Pants

casual fall office outfit styling ugg slippers slingback muffin plus platform long baggy grey pants oversized button down shirt

Deep Burgundy Oversized Suit Layered with a Black Satin Corset and Paired with a Fluffy Brown Shoulder Bag

fall office outfit idea mini classic sheepskin ugg boots dark burgundy oversized suit black satin corset furry bag

Long Denim Skirt Combined with a Baggy Pink Sweater, Matching Socks and a Sheepskin Vest

fall office outfit idea styling ugg boots ultra mini platform classic long denim skirt pink sweater sheepskin vest flat cap

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