Cozy Girl Aesthetic 2023: Let’s Dive Into The Snug Warm Atmosphere

by Gabby

Do you happen to in love with the Fall season and the cozy atmosphere that it brings? Do you love staying home, lighting up a candle and watching your favorite TV show? If the answer is yes, then you are going to love the theme of this article. The recent hype on TikTok is here and we are loving it! What is the cozy girl aesthetic? How to turn yourself into a cozy girl with ease? What are the essentials?

cozy girl aesthetic fashion outfit ideas 2023 trends fall

What Is a Cozy Girl Aesthetic?

We all know that TikTok is always quick to create trends that everybody love and want to try out. It turns out that people there are good at creating different aesthetics that you can try to recreate. What is the newest cozy girl aesthetic and why is everyone obsessed with it? It is all about feeling cozy with everything that surrounds you – your home, fashion style, makeup, books, TV shows, etc. People may confused it with the clean girl aesthetic, but the two of them are actually very different. If you are in your cozy girl era, then you know that dressing comfy, taking care of your health, skin, hair, and home is a must. For the cozy girls, staying home watching a favorite TV show, lighting up a candle and relax is what they do best! Today, we are diving into the snug atmosphere and showing you how to be a cozy girl like a PRO.

cozy girl aesthetic home atmoshpere fall ideas trends tiktok 2023


How to Be an Aesthetic Cozy Girl?

how to be a cozy girl aesthetic essentials ideas 2023 trends tiktok

We have found a list with a cozy girl essentials that will help you understand better what is the aesthetic all about. As you can see, everything on that list screams Fall season! That is why we can say that it is the season of the cozy girlies, who love staying home, drinking cinnamon lattes and wearing UGGs. This snugly atmosphere that the Autumn creates is the perfect time for you to try this aesthetic. Here are some ground rules to follow:

  • Always dress comfy, but try to select warm and high quality fabrics.
  • Start your day with your favorite hot coffee drink (we highly recommend putting cinnamon in yours, for a warm and spicy smell)
  • Always have a nice fluffy blanket near you
  • There should be at least one candle lighten up in your home
  • Get yourself the nicest pajamas, because the cozy girl era is here and you are going to spend a lot of time at home
  • Learn how to make baked goodies (it is a game changer)

Cozy Girl Makeup Routine

cozy girl makeup routine

The cozy girl makeup is versatile and it is not like the clean girl makeup routine. You can express yourself freely, as long as you use products that will make your skin look glowy and healthy. For the Fall season, we highly recommend going for brown lip colors that will make you look bronzed. For eyeshadows, you can use your bronzer and it will make your face appear snatched! The goal for a cozy girl routine is to use makeup products that are also good for the skin. For example, you can use a mineral foundation with an SPF, lip oils instead of lip gloss, serum blushes and bronzers, etc.

Cozy Girl Outfit Ideas

cozy girl outfit ideas aesthetic fashion trends 2023 tiktok

Yes, dressing in a comfortable way is a priority, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. The essentials for a cozy girl outfit are white socks, warm sweater, a trendy jacket, UGGs and a hat. You can either wear pants, jeans or leggings. If you are able to create a look with joggers, that will also give you extra points for being a cozy girl!

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Cozy Girl Aesthetic at Home

cozy girl aesthetic at home bedroom gilmore girls fall trends

Have you tried baking cinnamon rolls this year? Now it’s the time! The smell of this baked magic will make you feel absolutely cozy! What’s left to do? Remember, you need a candle that smells like the Willy Wonka Factory, your favorite Fall TV Show (The Gilmore Girls) and the fluffiest PJ’s that you own! You are completely ready for your cozy girl era!

Jump ahead into the gallery and we guarantee that you are going to feel the snug atmosphere through the photos!

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Cozy Girl Aesthetic Inspo 2023

cozy girl aesthetic vibes at home tiktok trends 2023

Warm Cozy Girl Fall/Winter Outfit Idea

warm cozy girl outfit ideas for fall wintner season 2023

How a Cozy Girl Takes a Bath After a Long Day?

cozy girl aesthetic bath

Simple Cozy Girl Home Decor

cozy girl aesthetic home atmosphere

Casual Cozy Girl Fall Outfit

fall cozy girl outfit ideas 2023

An Idea for a Cozy Girl Picnic

cozy girl aesthetic picnic ideas

Brunch Outfit Idea for a Cozy Girl in the Fall

cozy girl aesthetic tiktok outfit ideas for the fall season 2023

The Ultimate Cozy Girl Home Atmosphere

cozy girl home set up aesthetic ideas 2023

Casual Warm Cozy Girl Outfits

cozy girl simple fall outfit ideas 2023

Cozy Girl Aesthetic Decoration for Home

cozy girl aesthetic home decoration

Cute Autumn Outfit for a Cozy Girl

cozy outfit ideas for the fall 2023 autumn

Cinnamon Latte Cozy Girl Aesthetic

cozy girl coffee aesthetic fall trends

Warm Pajamas and Fluffy Slippers for a Cozy Girl

cozy girl vibes staying at home trends 2023 tiktok ideas

Cozy Girl Aesthetic with Sunflowers

cozy girl aesthetic 2023 ideas autumn

The Vampire Diaries and a Cozy Atmosphere for The Perfect Night

cozy girl home aesthetic ideas 2023

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