Which Is the Shrub That Flowers All Year Round? Top 5 Choices

by Kristiyana

Having a colourful garden all year round is every gardener’s dream! To get it, it is crucial to know about plants that flower several times a year or those whose flowering spreads over several months. Have no idea? No worries! Our gardening experts reveal to you the shrub that flowers all year round, or at least almost, that you urgently need in your garden. We shed light on the 5 must-have plants and their planting conditions.

Shrub That Flowers All Year Round or Almost: Head for Lantana!

shrub that flowers all year round lantana

As one of the plants that resist drought in the garden, the Lantana offers the brightest blooms and is perfectly suitable for beginner gardeners. Featuring orange-yellow, mauve, or red tones, this flowering shrub is undemanding and tolerates all types of soil. Its blooming is truly tireless and lasts from spring to frost.

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which shrub flowers all year round the lantana


Want to plant Lantana in your garden? Then wait until spring when frosts are no longer to be feared, somewhere between April and May. Plant in rich soil, which contributes to more abundant flowering. In terms of exposure, both sun and partial shade suit it. Planting in the ground is possible in milder climates, provided that you mulch around the plant and ensure well-drained soil. Otherwise, growing in pots is appropriate. As soon as the cold sets in, move the pot to a protected veranda or cover the plant with a winter cover.

For a wow effect in the garden, we recommend that you favour the following varieties of Lantana Camara: ‘Flamenco’, ‘Cream Pearl’, ‘Confetti’ and ‘Cochenille’.

Here are some interesting facts to convince you why you should plant the lovely Lantana shrub in your garden:

Witch Hazel or the Very Hardy Plant to Have in Your Garden

shrubs that flower all year witch hazel

Known for its bright colours and its intoxicating scent, witch hazel brings brightness to your garden in winter. Very hardy and easy to maintain, this flowering shrub nevertheless grows slowly. Its blooming, most often in red or yellow, generally takes place during the cold months. Some species even bloom in early spring, as soon as daytime temperatures exceed 0°C/32°F and the days get longer. These shrubs offer a burst of flowering in the fall.

shrubs that flower all year round witch hazel plant

You can plant witch hazel in fall, during the month of October and even in November. Extremely tolerant of cold and frost, this plant thrives in cool, well-drained soil, rich in humus and acidic. As heather soil is poor, add potting soil and fertilizer at the end of summer. Place the shrub in the sun or partial shade so that it receives maximum light in winter. Thus, its flowering will be generous.

The Mexican Orange Tree with Its Shiny, Evergreen Foliage

small shrub that flowers all year round mexican orange tree

Among the shrubs that flower all year round is also the Mexican orange tree, which offers an explosion of scents in the garden. Its fruit is reminiscent of citrus fruits, hence the name of the plant. But, in addition to its divine flowering, the Mexican orange tree is still appreciated for its shiny, evergreen, green or yellow foliage. Flowering begins in spring and continues sporadically in summer, with an increase in November-December if the climate permits.

shrub that blooms all year round mexican orange tree

The plant appreciates light, well-drained, slightly calcareous soils and tolerates drought very well. The best location for a Mexican orange tree is in sun or partial shade, sheltered from cold winds. This small shrub which flowers all year round has two planting periods: either in fall or in spring.

Shrub That Flowers All Year Round or Almost: The Daphne

 which shrub flowers all year round beautiful delicate daphne

Daphne is another shrub with a long flowering period to plant immediately in your garden. This spectacular plant flowers for 5 to 6 months, between May and July, and then offers a return in fall, from September to October. Some species like Daphne mezerum flower as early as December. Planting Daphne takes place in spring or fall. The tall and very hardy species prefer sunny or slightly shaded areas, while the short varieties thrive in sunny rockeries.

Caution: The entire plant, particularly its red berries, are very toxic, with the sap potentially causing allergic reactions. Here you can find what are the symptoms of coming into direct contact with this shrub and how to deal with them.

Hibiscus for an Exotic Touch to Your Beautiful Garden

shrubs that flower all year hibiscus

The flowering of this perennial plant occurs several times during the period between March and October. To bring an exotic touch to your garden, plant perennial hibiscus in non-calcareous, well-drained soil rich in humus. The location must be in full sun and planting takes place in spring with an immense supply of compost. In winter, mulch to protect the roots from frost.

shrub that blooms all the year round hibiscus


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