Pretty Trees, Flowers & Shrubs for an Orange Garden in Autumn

by Kristiyana

Want to create an orange garden in autumn? Discover the trees, shrubs, and flowers that will help you achieve a sunny and warm atmosphere in your exterior!

How to Create an Orange Garden in Autumn?

how to create a beautiful orange garden in autumn

Orange is a warm and welcoming color, typical for the autumn months. And it’s not just because of the pumpkins. It’s a shade that can combat the depression of the gray months ahead, but also helps you easily transition from summer vacation mood to winter mood.

How to implement it in your home and garden? Of course, you can create a themed autumn decoration, but there is no better way than planting trees, shrubs, and flowers that can transform your outdoor space into the coziest place. Here are our 12 plant ideas to create an orange garden in autumn.

Which Are the Most Beautiful Autumn Trees??

which are the best trees for autumn


Japanese Maple – The Japanese Maple is a slow-growing tree that prefers partial shade. It has very decorative foliage and can also be grown as a bonsai. Keep this in mind if you want to create an Asian garden.

Serviceberry – This plant can be grown as a tree or shrub. In both cases, it is beyond wonderful. It will provide you with abundant flowering in spring, tasty fruits in summer, and in autumn – a blaze of copper and purple.

Swamp oak – This tree prefers a sunny or semi-shaded position. The best time to plant it is winter, from November to March, so don’t miss this opportunity. It will decorate your garden in an amazing way in autumn.

Liquidambar – Here is another impressive tree that can help you create a vibrant orange garden in autumn. Its foliage is splendid and contrasts with the dark brown bark.

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What Flowers to Plant to Have an Orange Garden in Autumn?

which flowers to plant for an orange garden in autumn

Orange nasturtium – It is a climbing plant with abundant dark orange flowering. They are edible, just like their seeds.

Black-eyed Susan – There are multiple varieties of this plant, some of which are climbing. They all look like tiny sunflowers, with their bright yellow or orange petals and black centers.

Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums are a must-have for autumn. What to plant next to Chrysanthemums? You can combine different orange varieties and create a stunning autumn garden that will bring you joy every time you see it.

Orange zinnia – This autumn plant forms dense, compact, brightly colored flowers on a long stem. It is ideal for filling empty spaces in borders, and also works well in flower arrangements in planters.

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Which Decorative Shrubs for an Orange Garden in Autumn?

what decorative shrubs for an orange garden in autumn

Berberis (x) thunbergii Orange – This is a slow growing, compact plant that is also ideal for containers. It flowers in spring and in autumn, you can admire its beautiful orange leaves.

The Pyracantha – Regarding the Pyracantha, it is its fruits that are orange. But they are so abundant and grow in clusters, so they will certainly be appreciated.

Fothergilla major – This is a deciduous shrub that reaches a height of 2.5 m/8.2. ft. It is known for its aromatic flowers in spring, which attract bees and butterflies. In autumn, the leaves turn fabulous shades of yellow, orange and red.

Berberis x lologensis ‘Apricot Queen’ – This shrub has evergreen leaves and abundant, colorful flowers in orange-gold tones. They are followed by small edible dark blue-purple fruits with a sweet and slightly acidic taste.

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