Which Flowering Shrub to Plant in October? Top 5 Ideas for a Fall Landscape in Your Garden

by Kremy

Want to enjoy the colors of fall in your garden? Which flowering shrub to plant in October? What are the magical plants that are both rare and those that, when you hear their name, make you want to plant them immediately in your corner? The opinion of Deavita experts will help your wish come true depending on the conditions and season of romance!

Which Flowering Shrub to Plant in October?

which flowering shrub to plant in october november fall plants

Fall brings romance and a palette of colors into the garden around the comfort of silence. Can the conical inflorescences of hydrangeas, the simple scent of camellia or the delicate petals of hibiscus be planted in the fall? Deavita’s editors have selected some magnificent fall-flowering shrubs that will fill your garden with fragrance and warm color! Let’s find out what they are and how to grow them properly.

Rose Glory Bower (Clerodendrum Bungei)

african cape mallow anisodontea capensis which flowering shrub to plant in october


Rose glory bower is a majestic shrub with a late-blooming charm. The fragrant, nectar-scented flowers emerge in pale pink as deeper color shades gradually appear. It can withstand frosts, but it is advisable not to grow it below 14F/-10C. It is therefore preferable to grow it in a pot or as a low hedge in certain climates.

This fast-adapting shrub is undemanding to soil type. The shrub can reach 6 ft/2 meters in height and spreads by suckering. The raspberry-colored inflorescences dissolve in a strong scent that attracts pollinating insects.

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Temple Of Bloom (Heptacodium Miconioides)

what flowering shrub to plant in october november fall plants temple of bloom

This large, majestic flowering shrub native to China is an excellent choice for fall planting. It is not very common, but it is unique and has many advantages. Reaching up to 13 ft/4 meters of height, it changes the color of its leaves from brilliant green to crimson red in late fall. What could be more delightful for bees and butterflies than the appearance of fragrant stars?

The silhouette of the flowering shrub is particularly elegant, but it can also be grown as a tree. Heptacodium miconioides is recommended for fall planting, but it is also possible to plant it throughout the year. Suitable for all types of soil, it likes sunny and semi-shady locations.

Himalayan Honeysuckle (Leycesteria Formosa)

himalayan honeysuckle leycesteria formosa which flowering shrub to plant in october novembre fall plants

The magnetic shrub, native to Asia, belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family. It is famous for its exquisite white and purple flowers, which resemble lanterns. From summer to late, romantic fall, they scatter on exquisite green bamboo-like stems.

The shiny golden leaves can be reflected in the sun’s rays, as the shrub likes sun or semi-shade. Plant the flowering shrub, preferably in soil rather than in a pot. It likes well-drained soils, both cool and moist. Add decomposed compost and mulch the soil well.


what flowering shrub to plant in october november fall plants hydrangea

Magnetic hydrangeas feel like royalty when planted in fall! They thrive well in rich soil mixed with mature compost. Everyone loves hydrangeas with their spherical, flat or conical inflorescences. This bushy, flowering shrub, which can reach up to 6 ft/2 meters in height, brings life to the garden and continues to bloom until fall. It likes partial shade, but there are varieties that fear the sun less than others. For a beautiful landscape and authenticity, you can plant different hydrangea varieties in a garden bed, near a wall or in a hedge.

African Cape Mallow (Anisodontea Capensis)

african cape mallow anisodontea capensis fall plants flowering shrubs

African Cape Mallow is a flowering shrub with hairy stems and leaves and evergreen foliage. It can withstand temperatures to 23F/-5C. The specific shape of the flowers, with five round petals in shades of pink, adds special charm. This fast-growing plant can reach 6ft/2 meters in height and is recommended to be planted in fall. We advise you to overwinter it in a cool, bright place. Plant the shrub in full sun in a location sheltered from the wind. The soil must be light and well drained, amended with sand and enriched with compost.

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