Christmas decoration 2022: The 4 trends not to be missed this year!

by Kremy

This year, we all need a good old-fashioned, stress-free Christmas with family and friends! So I’ve been busy visiting trade shows, attending discussions on Christmas decoration 2022 trends, and researching everywhere. From sustainable decoration to plants, from candles to paper decorations, I explain everything you need to know. In addition, I reveal 4 color trends and as many tips for successful Christmas planning 2022.

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How to make a pretty Christmas decoration?

Christmas decoration 2022 will focus on the little moments that make the holiday season truly magical. It’s time to create a joyful and uplifting space that stimulates warmth, togetherness and friendliness. Enjoy simple comfort and heartwarming family traditions. The holiday season is full of special times for families. I can see that, despite the cost of living pressures, people are still determined to celebrate Christmas. Plan ahead to better spread the costs! If you start decorating just before Christmas Eve, don’t worry! I have prepared for you some essential Christmas decorations 2022 that will make beautifying your home a very easy task.

What will be the theme for Christmas 2022 ?

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Every year there are new fashions in the world of interiors, trends that evolve and change also in Christmas decoration, and therefore new fashionable colors, finishes and materials to decorate our homes in the month of December appear. Sustainable Christmas, for example, is a big trend this year and easy, economical and environmentally friendly Christmas crafts will be in the top. Find out what the trends will be for this Christmas 2022! Let’s go!

Natural Christmas Decorations

natural Christmas decorating ideas 2022 fir white snow wood

Add a bit of nature to your door instead of the artificial plastic wreath. The fresh, natural aesthetic contrasts fabulously with the time of year. Accents of woodsy brown, terracotta and gold add warmth to the designs. Decorations made from natural materials are often as deliciously fragrant as they are aesthetically pleasing. To nails this trend, go for foliage and decorate with DIY Christmas baubles and wildlife-inspired ornaments. This eco-first festive vision has gained popularity over the past year. And it’s sure to be a key trend for the 2022 holiday season. Experiment with different natural materials – adding dried holly and berries can make a wonderful accent.

Glamorous vintage Christmas decoration 2022!

christmas table vintage glamor decoration ideas

This holiday season sees the return of the golden 20s – the party sparkles with a vintage note. Dramatic mixed metals of gold with silver accents are contrasted with the opulence of pearls and feathers, as well as crystal garlands reminiscent of the craze of the era. You can also do everything yourself to save money before Christmas. To keep these decorations from being too cold, pair them with warm and cozy tree lights. With this precious, vintage and refined trend, introduce eclectic finishes with textures such as capiz shell (a recurring trend) which adds a pearly shimmer. Also bring chic to the table with handcrafted tableware, from tall flute glasses to mirrored coasters.

A classic white Christmas

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A trend for minimalists, but certainly one that works very well for elegant interiors. Look at snowy whites and neutrals for subtle elegance, paired with beautiful linens, clean-lined throw pillows, lovely greenery, and a sparkling wreath. Soothing colors around the house can provide what many of us are looking for: rest! Create a sense of well-being and that relaxed family feeling this Christmas. Layer textured whites with sparkles of silver or gold for a clean finish. Cozy throws and blankets with rich texture are a must this year, especially when watching a Christmas movie in front of the TV. From crisp white decorations to cream upholstery, bring the snowy days of Christmas indoors with layering. Soft whites combined with textured whites create the perfect festive atmosphere in our homes.

An ode to Christmas decorations from the 80s and 90s

christmas decoration 2022 red green fir fireplace interior ideas

The holiday season is upon us! It’s time to decorate the hallways with all the 90s-inspired Christmas decorations you can get your hands on. I feel like yesterday I was just carefree and five years old and now it’s almost 2023! The 90s were of course, like all things, a great time for Christmas. Whatever your favorite 90’s pop star is, there is a decoration to celebrate them, like Madonna’s that you don’t have to limit yourself to hanging up at Christmas. Bet on the classic colors of Christmas decoration. Make sure everything is handmade and unpretentious! No need for perfection. It is important that the Christmas table decoration, the tree and the atmosphere are warm!

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